Student Organizations

Accounting Society

The LMU Accounting Society offers students professional development and career insights spanning public accounting, industry, government and education. Members develop leadership and communications skills through weekly lunch meetings and interactive social events with professionals. Additional benefits include an annual meet-the-firms night, networking events, career/résumé services, interview/recruiting help and a popular spring banquet celebrating awards and scholarships.

President: Amanda Farley
Faculty Advisor: James Plecnik


The AIMS/ISBA Society is a place to foster and enrich the ISBA major as a whole and to create community amongst the fellow ISBA majors. The AIMS/ISBA Society offers a place for professional development and career insight for how a degree in Information Systems and Business Analytics (ISBA) can be used in the working world upon graduation.

President: Tyler Lum
Faculty Advisor: Linda Leon

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest coed professional business fraternity in the world. The organization was established in 1904 and exists at an international level today. LMU's Psi Epsilon chapter was established in 2012 and strives to exemplify our five core values: Unity, Integrity, Brotherhood, Service and Knowledge. Alpha Kappa Psi gives all its members a special opportunity to cultivate important skills, network with esteemed peers and professionals, and discover their calling. 

President: Katy Colbert
Faculty Advisor: Rosemary Kim


BUILD (Business Innovation & Leadership Development) teaches individuals how to thrive in professional settings and become a productive team player and leader. It is a place where students will learn from speakers, career service training, leadership and teamwork development. Students can also gain hands on experience with fundraising, producing events, and working with non-profits. BUILD fosters the growth of LMU's student leaders so that they have the business acumen necessary to pave their own career paths.

President: Marie McCarthy
Faculty Advisor: Timothy Haight

Business Law Society

The Business Law Society at LMU strives to educate students in all fields of study about the importance and relevance of studying law as it relates to business. The society encourages the furthering of higher education in the areas of business and law, and provides information for students that aspire to become well-rounded business professionals with an invaluable background in the legal environment.

President: Michelle Steele 
Faculty Advisor: Sona Gala

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is America's foremost professional fraternity for men and women pursuing careers in business. Our four pillars of Professionalism, Brotherhood, Community Service and Scholarship form the foundation of our mission. Since its founding at Loyola Marymount University in 1959, the Delta Sigma Chapter has merited numerous awards including the highest honor of Chapter of Excellence, 2011 National Outstanding Scholastic Development, and other provincial and regional awards. Delta Sigma is also the home of the 2011 National Collegian of the Year, 2012 South Pacific Regional Collegian of the Year, and two participants of the National LeaderShape Institute for personal development and leadership.

President: Melanie Chan
Faculty Advisor: Trevor Zink

Entrepreneurship Society

The LMU Entrepreneurship Society (LMUES) consists of LMU students from all majors and graduate programs interested in exploring opportunities related to entrepreneurship. It provides an environment where students can learn and engage in the world of entrepreneurship with fellow students, professors, entrepreneurs and other professionals. The Entrepreneurship Society hosts speaker events, company tours as well as various networking opportunities with alumni and members of the broader business community. 

President: Richard "RJ" Rodeghero
Faculty Advisor: Alex Glosenberg

Finance Society

The Finance Society aims to provide students with the tools to gain employment in the field of finance through career development exercises and interactions with working financial professionals. Weekly meetings give members access to finance professionals from different sectors of the industry to learn about the many paths one can take post-graduation. Previous guest speakers include wealth managers, bankers, lawyers, investment professionals and entertainment professionals. There is no cost to attend the meetings and all majors are welcome.

President: Alex Rodriguez
Faculty Advisor: Josh Spizman

International Business Society

The LMU International Business Society is a new student group that brings students interested in global business together to advance knowledge about international markets and business practices. Members network with global business leaders, explore career paths, learn about other cultures and promote awareness of global issues. Apply to become a member and follow the group on Instagram.

Co-President: Rossten Nakamura
Co-President: Noel Womack-Henderson
Faculty Advisor: Yongsun Paik
Staff Advisor: Marki Jones


LM-UMatch is a student-run recruiting service set on finding internships for LMU students. Under the guidance of Professor Mitch Rufca, we have successfully matched students with the perfect internship for them. We meet with each of our candidates to find out what they're looking for in an internship and what their skills and interests are so we can find them the internship that best aligns with what they want.

Co-President: Laura Bourne
Faculty Advisor:
Mitch Rufca

Marketing Society

The LMU Marketing Society provides students with resources to learn about real world marketing knowledge and experiences from leading industry guest speakers, allowing the opportunity to network and discover different career paths within the field of marketing. The Marketing Society also provides unique career opportunities and resume building workshops for members to improve leadership and communication skills. Overall, we aim to give LMU students a community of peers and mentors to help understand different marketing career paths and development. No membership fees and all majors are welcome.

President: Hanna Christerson
Faculty Advisors: Mitch Hamilton and Julian Saint Clair

Real Estate Society

The Real Estate Society at LMU bridges the gap between students and professionals in the real estate industry. Activities include on-campus speakers, mentorship programs, on-site visits, case studies, networking events with the Real Estate Alumni Council and Real Estate Alumni Group, and more. Our vision is to build a community of students who are passionate about the real estate industry and interested in expanding their professional networks. All majors welcome as real estate spans so many majors, professions and industries (engineering, architecture, business, etc.)

Presidents: Oleg Enik and Coleman Anderson
Faculty Advisor: Mark Macedo
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