International Business Minor

The International Business Minor is open only to College of Business Administration majors and designed to enable CBA students to become effective cross-cultural leaders and global citizens by providing valuable perspectives regarding the global economy and international business. The International Business Minor develops essential skills that can enhance professional competence and career mobility in an interconnected and rapidly evolving world. 

  • All students must complete a minimum of 20 semester hours for the International Business Minor including: 

    • BCOR 3860: International Business (4 semester hours)
    • Four additional 4 semester hour courses with the prefix INBA (16 semester hours)

    BCOR 3860 and a maximum of two of the INBA elective courses may be double-counted as credit that is also applied to the student’s major within the CBA. Thus, a minimum of two of the required four elective INBA courses (8 semester hours) must only be applied to the International Business Minor and cannot be also double-counted for credit toward a Business Major.

    All International Business courses must be taken in residence at LMU or an LMU Study Abroad Program. 

    A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for the International Business Minor.

  • BCOR 3860: International Business

    4 semester hours

    This course introduces students to international business environments, concepts, and practices. In order to understand complex issues related to global economy, students will learn about national and regional differences in political, economic, and socio-cultural systems. To acquire skills and knowledge necessary for managing international business operations, students will study international trade and investment theories and policies, foreign exchange mechanisms and markets, as well as global strategies in manufacturing, marketing, and human resources management.

    Plus four more elective INBA courses, chosen from the following:

    INBA 2880: Exploring Asian Culture

    4 semester hours

    Asia has become one of the most important political, economic, and cultural centers of the world. In particular, East Asian nations like China, South Korea, and Japan provide the world with valuable goods and services and have collectively become powerful enough to be major players in the global economy. These countries are among the most dynamic economic engines in the world. As such, it is critical for students to learn the historical, socio-political, and economic backgrounds of East Asia in order to understand how business works in this region. This course will provide students with an overview of the recent socio-political and economic developments of East Asia and an opportunity to gain first-hand cultural experiences from the two-week field trip to East Asia.

    INBA 3851: Building Global Career Competence

    4 semester hours

    This course combines experiential learning during study abroad with conceptual learning assignments to build critical global career competencies. The course involves relevant and challenging international consulting work experience, exposure to the working and cultural environments of an international setting, building skills for international adjustment and successful management of international assignments, networking and building potentially valuable international professional, and developing insights for future career planning within a global context.

    Prerequisite: BCOR 3610

    INBA 4830: International Management

    4 semester hours

    Different economic, political, and socio-cultural environments around the world challenge managers with opportunities and risks. The goal of this course is to help students identify and evaluate the opportunities and challenges facing managers operating in international business contexts and come up with solutions to the identified problems Specifically, the course will familiarize students with the major concepts and paradigms in international management, enhance an awareness of the impact of internationalization on firms, develop the ability to analyze MNC's strategies and behaviors, and suggest solutions to the problems identified in managing organizations and people across borders.

    Prerequisites: BCOR 3610 and BCOR 3860

    INBA 4840: International Entrepreneurship

    4 semester hours

    This course focuses on developing knowledge and skills in three key components of international entrepreneurship: initiating entrepreneurial ventures, managing international business transactions, and dealing with multicultural business environments. The course includes a feasibility study of an international small business venture start up, case study, and experiential learning.

    Prerequisite: BCOR 3860

    INBA 4855: Cross-Cultural Leadership

    4 semester hours

    This academically-rich, experiential, and collaborative course examines what constitutes effective leadership across cultures that comprise our global marketplace as well as our culturally-complex cities, communities, nations, and regions (including the Los Angeles/Southern California business environment). Students will learn and analyze how national/social cultural context affects leadership style, communications, conflict negotiation, and ethical decision making; examine the need for and value of cross-cultural competence for leaders and organizations; apply theories, models, and personal experiences to real-world leadership scenarios; and develop as cross-cultural leaders.

    Junior or senior standing required.

    INBA 4872: Managing a Global Workforce

    4 semester hours

    This course helps students recognize important human resource management (IHRM) issues underlying current international and global business conditions, as well as understand key IHRM challenges and practices (e.g., cross-cultural management, managing international assignments, global talent management) relevant to effective strategic management and business development in important countries and regions of the global economy. In addition, personal competencies and international issues are examined that are relevant to students' own future careers within the global workforce.

    Prerequisites: BCOR 3610 and BCOR 3860

    INBA 4876: Marketing Strategy in the Global Environment

    4 semester hours

    This course provides a comprehensive framework for the development of competitive marketing strategies that achieve organizational objectives and build competitive advantage. It teaches students the fundamentals of strategic analysis and strategy development within the context of the global business environment. The course emphasizes the major analytical, ethical, and strategic frameworks of marketing, as specifically implemented within the complex contemporary conditions of global business relationships and activities. The course incorporates experiential learning, case studies, and a simulation project.

    Prerequisite: BCOR 3510

    INBA 4880: International Finance

    4 semester hours

    This course introduces students to international business finance and the workings of international financial markets. The principal objective of the course is for students to develop an understanding of the basic tools of financial decision making in an international environment. Key topics of study include exchange rate determination, relationships between inflation, interest rates, and exchange rates, risk management, multinational capital budgeting, and international portfolio theory.

    Prerequisites: BCOR 3410 and BCOR 3860

    INBA 4895: Global Sustainability: Challenges and Prospects in East Asia

    4 semester hours

    This course explores cross-disciplinary theory and practice of sustainability within a global context, and with an emphasis on East Asia. This course includes a two-week tour abroad to enrich student learning through direct international experience.

    Open to all majors of junior or senior standing.

    Consent of instructor required.

    INBA 4898: Special Studies

    1-4 semester hours

    INBA 4899: Independent Studies

    1-4 semester hours

    Requires approval of the Associate Dean.

Declaring the Minor

Students interested in the International Business Minor can declare the minor by submitting a Change of Program form on the Registrar’s page.


Dong Chen, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Management