Business Administration Minor

Business Administration Minor

Business Admin Minor

The Business Administration Minor is offered only to non-business students. Course content provides adequate coverage and includes the necessary breadth to provide a general understanding of the business discipline. The program has no prerequisites but assumes that students have a sufficient understanding of economics and basic math skills in order to understand fundamental analytical business concepts.


The business minor is designed as a cohort structure, where students take four required foundational courses, two during the fall semester and two during the spring semester of their sophomore or junior year. Two additional business electives will be taken during the following semesters and chosen in consultation with the minor advisor. All courses must be taken in residence to ensure coherence and completeness of the cohort learning experience. An assessment test will be given after all four foundational courses have been completed to ensure students have mastered the information covered in these courses. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required in the minor.

Students are asked to apply for the minor during the first four weeks of the fall or spring semester of their freshman or sophomore year and will be notified of the decision in time for registration. Enrollment in the foundational courses will begin during the fall or spring semester of their sophomore/junior year. In some exceptional cases, the associate dean may allow students to apply during the spring semester of their freshman year and enroll in courses fall semester of their sophomore year.

  • Minor Requirements

    All business minor students are required to complete four foundational courses (12 semester hours) and two (6 semester hours) upper division business elective classes, all with a grade of C or higher.

    • BADM 3010: Analytical Concepts & Methods for Business
    • BADM 3020: Economic Environment, Marketing and Business Law Concepts
    • BADM 3030: Key Concepts of Accounting and Finance
    • BADM 3040: Management and Society: Issues in Strategic and Ethical Management

    Students will also complete two upper division business classes based upon their understanding of foundational courses as well as personal interest and career plan. Upper division and elective courses appropriate for those in the business minor program will be designated by the faculty of each CBA department and in consultation with a business faculty advisor. All minor required courses must be completed in residence.

  • Course Descriptions

    BADM 3010 (Required for ALL Business Minor students)
    Analytical Concepts & Methods for Business
    3 Semester Hours

    This course is meant as an introductory basis for students seeking a minor degree in business administration. Topics include fractions, decimals vs. percentages, Excel spreadsheets vs. calculators, future and present value, interest rates, compounding, credit terms in personal finance, probabilities, weights, mean or expected value, statistics, variance, standard deviation, sample vs. population statistics, correlation and covariance, and linear estimations.

    BADM 3020 (Required for ALL Business Minor students)
    Economic Environment, Marketing and Business Law Concepts
    3 Semester Hours

    This is a basic course in economics, marketing and business law which will give the business minor student an introduction to the three subjects. After taking this course, the student will be prepared to take more advanced courses in the various subjects offered.

    BADM 3030 (Required for ALL Business Minor students)
    Key Concepts of Accounting and Finance
    3 Semester Hours

    This course provides a timely and relevant introduction to key accounting and finance concepts. With a focus on strategic techniques for decision making in the corporate environment, it aims to provide students with a general, real world understanding of financial statements, budgeting, financial analysis, managerial accounting, valuation, financial markets, investments, risk, ethics and how firms raise capital.

    Prerequisite: BADM 3010

    BADM 3040 (Required for ALL Business Minor students)
    Management and Society: Issues in Strategic and Ethical Management
    3 Semester Hours

    Management and Society is an introductory course which covers the role of business in our society and the principles of management and organizational behavior. Basic concepts such as the role of management (focused on planning, organizing, leading and controlling) and theories of organizations will be explored while considering the impact on and involvement of stakeholders, the importance of ethics, influence of business-government relations, issues in corporate governance and the significance of long-term sustainability.

    Prerequisite: BADM 3020        


One cohort will be admitted for the Fall 2020 semester. Admittance into the CBA Business Minor Program is highly competitive and only a limited number of students are accepted.

Applications for the CBA Business Minor are accepted during the first few weeks of each semester and students who are accepted begin in the following semester's cohort. The program will accept applications for the Fall 2020 cohort at the beginning of the Spring 2020 semester. Please complete this form and write a Personal Statement of Intent, which will tell us a little about yourself and why you feel that you would be a good candidate for the College of Business Administration. Submit both before 5 p.m. on February 14, 2020. Please note: your submission will only be accepted if your application is submitted with an LMU email address. You will be notified by March 13, 2020 via your LMU email address on your application. 


Ying Sai, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor for Business Minors
Assistant Professor, Information Systems and Business Analytics
Office: Hilton 266
Phone: 310.338.5196