Business Administration Minor

Business Admin Minor

The Business Administration Minor is designed for and offered to non-business majors only. Prerequisites for admission to the minor are completion of Math 112, 120, 122, or 131 with a grade of C (2.0) or higher. Students must complete BCOR 1910 and BCOR 2110 with a grade of C (2.0) or higher before they will be allowed to enroll in any elective classes for the minor. In an effort to serve the university as a whole, we endeavor to admit students from a diverse set of majors.

  • All students must complete a minimum of 18 semester hours in business courses, including:

    • BCOR 1910: Business for Good (2 semester hours)
    • BCOR 2110: Financial Accounting (4 semester hours)
    • 2 upper division business courses (8 semester hours)
    • 1 business course at any level (4 semester hours)

    A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required in the minor for graduation.

    Courses counting toward the Business Minor may not be taken outside of LMU.

  • BCOR 1910: Business for Good

    2 Semester Hours

    The LMU College of Business Administration aims to "advance knowledge and develop business leaders with moral courage and creative confidence to be a force for good in the global community." This course is a transformational experience for incoming undergraduate students that begins their journey toward a business degree and beyond, focusing on the role of business as a force for good.

    The course is an immersive and interactive experience with the following elements. It involves the major global challenges that you will face in your professional careers, such as poverty and the environment, and brings out the role of business in being a force for good in addressing these challenges as well as in a broad array of issues. It involves a project where you will design a business plan to launch of a product for low-income customers in domestic or international markets, while achieving economic sustainability as well as social and environmental sustainability. It involves doing good as being at the heart of the business rather than as corporate social responsibility. It involves working with companies. And most importantly, it will involve examining your values as it relates to doing good in the professional and personal realms. The course will culminate in a poster session. In short, you will start out your careers by having all of these challenges to confront in your first semester.

    BCOR 2110: Financial Accounting

    4 Semester Hours

    This course involves the study of financial accounting. Students are introduced to 1) the role of financial accounting and reporting in business and society, 2) the basic concepts and techniques of financial accounting, and 3) the preparation and use of financial statements. Topics covered include accrual basis of accounting, the financial accounting cycle, internal controls, ratio analysis, and the reporting and analyzing of financial statement elements. Prerequisites: BCOR 1910

    3 Upper Division Business Courses

    12 semester hours

  • One strength of the program is flexibility: our business administration minors can opt to focus on a particular department with their elective courses, or they can take a wide array of courses from across CBA disciplines. Some example sequences that focus within specific CBA disciplines include:


    ENTR 1310: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (4)
    ENTR 3350: New Venture Creation (4)
    ENTR 3356: Entrepreneurial Finance (2)
    ENTR 3357: Entrepreneurial Marketing (2)


    BCOR 3510: Business Marketing & Communications (4)
    MRKT 3512: Customer Insights (4)
    Any 3000+ level MRKT elective with MRKT 3512 as a prerequisite (4)

    Some courses may have prerequisites beyond minor-required courses. Please contact if you are a minor and have questions about prerequisites for a CBA course.


Due to high demand, students must apply and be accepted into the Business Administration Minor. Students are advised to apply during their sophomore or junior year in order to complete all coursework (some of which is sequential) by graduation. Students planning to study abroad may be deferred for a semester but will need to plan accordingly.

Applications for fall 2024 are now open!  Submit your application by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 22, 2024. Students should expect to receive a response regarding their application no later than April 3, 2024.