Internal Transfer Students

Students who are currently enrolled in another major at LMU but interested in changing their major to Business Administration are encouraged to do so during their first year at LMU but no later than their third semester.

Minimum Requirements

Students must complete MATH 112 or an equivalent course in Calculus with a minimum grade of B (3.0) and ECON 1050 with a minimum grade of B- (2.7). In addition, students must have a minimum cumulative LMU GPA of 3.2. Once these requirements have been met, a student may apply to transfer to the College of Business Administration (see “Application” section below for details). Requirements must be met by the end of the semester before you may be admitted to the College of Business Administration.


The process for applying for transfer to the College of Business Administration for fall 2021 and beyond will require an application process. Because demand to pursue a major in the College of Business Administration is very strong, the selection process will be competitive. The application process includes completing the application survey and separately submitting your unofficial transcript and responses to a three-part essay. A committee of College of Business Administration faculty will review all completed applications, considering indicators of academic excellence, preparedness, and the overall “fit” with the CBA mission. Applicants will be informed of our decision no later than four weeks after the deadline.

There are two rounds of applications this spring. The first round deadline was March 8, 2021 and has passed. The second round of applications will have a deadline of May 10, 2021 and is for students who have completed all requirements in spring 2021. Students accepted in the second round will not be able to register for business classes until they have been accepted, so they cannot register for fall 2021 business classes during spring registration.

Applications for the second round are now open and will close on May 10, 2021.  Apply now!


Suzanne Calderon
Senior Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs
Hilton 200A