Internal Transfer Students

Students who are currently enrolled in another major at LMU but interested in changing their major to Business Administration are encouraged to do so during their first year at LMU but no later than their third semester.

Minimum Requirements

Students must complete MATH 112 or an equivalent course in Calculus with a minimum grade of B (3.0) and ECON 1050 with a minimum grade of B- (2.7). In addition, students must have a minimum cumulative LMU GPA of 3.2. Once these requirements have been met, a student may apply to transfer to the College of Business Administration (see “Application” section below for details). Requirements must be met by the end of the semester before you may be admitted to the College of Business Administration.


Students who have completed all minimum requirements (see above) prior to the beginning of spring 2023 can submit a change of program form online using Registrar Portal Services. The form will normally be processed and a decision made to approve or decline the change of program within 5 business days after submission.*

Consistent with the requirements above, if you enrolled in required courses during spring 2023, you must wait to submit the form until you have completed all requirements and grades have been processed for spring 2023.*

*If you do not have four or more semesters remaining at LMU, you must include a statement in the form that you are committed to taking summer classes and/or taking additional semesters to complete the major.