Strategic Plan

The CBA identified five factors of focus essential to realizing its vision given the economic and competitive challenges currently facing higher education. The term "themes" is used because they serve as much more than isolated goals, but rather as critical characteristics that underlie more than one of the identified strategic priorities and initiatives. The themes capture the complex and interconnected nature of various components of the overall strategic plan. In this way, the plan models the reality of business education and practice as an integrated whole, while demonstrating the vision of the college as a cohesive and collaborative partnership within a more unified university, a united group of academics and practitioners, and within a more connected and conscientious global community.

Key Strategic Themes and Goals for 2018-2023

  1. Differentiation and Distinction in Programs, Partnerships and Reputation
  2. Enhanced Student and Stakeholder Experience and Engagement
  3. Wholistic Leadership Development of the Next Generation of Leaders
  4. Perspective and Approach that are Transdisciplinary, Diverse, Inclusive and Global
  5. Resource Procurement and Allocation for People, Places, and Positioning

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