LMU Real Estate Certificate Program

Downtown LA

The LMU Real Estate Certificate Program equips students with conceptual, practical and specialized skills and in-depth knowledge of various real estate topics. Led by industry professionals, the program features a series of seminars that cover a variety of topics. The program is open to all LMU students, including Loyola Law School students. The program will: 

  • Advance students' knowledge on the latest trends and issues in real estate
  • Provide relevant skills to make students more hirable in the real estate industry
  • Increase student, alumni and industry participation in LMU and CBA
  • Connect students with a diverse group of real estate professionals 

Sponsored by LMU Real Estate Advisory Council, LMU Real Estate Society and LMU Real Estate Alumni Group.

Certificate Requirements

Program participants must:

  • Be a member of the LMU Real Estate Society or LLS Real Estate Law Society
  • Complete a total of six seminars (first three seminars are mandatory)
  • Attend one Real Estate Advisory Council event


Students participating in the LMU Real Estate Certificate Program must complete six out of eight seminars. Seminars 1-3 are mandatory as they are foundational in nature. The first two seminars will be held in fall 2021; please register via the link in the dropdowns below. The remaining six seminars will be held in spring 2022 (dates/times TBD).

  • Friday, Oct. 22
    1 p.m. PT
    Hilton 300


    Instructor: Anthony Walker, MBA '12, CEO and Managing Broker, Buckingham Investments 

    This course is designed to give students a general framework for evaluating, qualifying and selecting appropriate real estate investments in different asset classes and markets to create long term wealth. Students will gain an understanding of industry standard terminology, metrics and financial concepts to be able to identify potential investments in any market and evaluate them for suitability vs. a personalized investment plan.

  • Monday, Nov. 15
    5 p.m. PT
    Hilton 300


    Instructor: Daniel Liffmann, Partner, Mayer Brown

    This seminar will cover various topics in real estate law, including negotiating leases, purchase and sale agreements, development agreements and other contracts in real estate development projects.

  • Date/time TBD

    Instructor: Kathy Seferian '84, Real Estate Director - West Coast, Wendy’s International 

    This seminar analyzes real estate markets in both a macro and micro level to optimize profitable growth through site selection.

  • Date/time TBD

    Instructor: Edgard Asensio, MBA '12, Founder, Asensio Real Estate

    This course is designed to introduce students to 1031 exchanges from the vantage point of real estate investors specializing in office, mixed-use, multifamily and industrial properties. The class discusses the value proposition of engaging in a 1031 exchange as a way to unlock the existing equity in commercial real estate assets, review the set of financial models and frameworks used to assess the economics of the transactions, and assess the equal or greater value of the replacement property.

    Students will be able to understand the fundamentals of 1031 exchange process, replacement property identification rules to complete an exchange, timeline to complete the exchange, applied strategies to relinquish real estate and acquire new property while deferring capital gains, depreciation recapture and net investment income on the sale of the relinquished property. Students also acquire an understanding of exchanging real estate assets to improve financial performance, quality of assets and increase value to a real estate portfolio.  

  • Date/time TBD

    Instructor: Dominique Hargreaves '04, Director, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, American Realty Advisors

    This seminar will review the ROI and economics of sustainability from a market, social and long-term perspective.

  • Date/time TBD

    Instructor: Chris Gray '01, President, Moss & Company 

    This seminar teaches students how to maximize long and short term returns of real estate assets through active asset and property management.

  • Date/time TBD

    Instructor: Mark Macedo '86, MBA '94, Managing Partner, Geneva Street Partners 

    This seminar provides an understanding of the debt and equity capital stack in real estate transactions using financial metrics such as Return on Cost, XIRR, IRR, LTV, DCR and JV Waterfalls.

  • Date/time TBD

    Instructor: Gerard Bisignano '77, MBA '83, Owner & Founder, The Bisignano Group

    This seminar will explore the influence on Southern California by the past and present masters who migrated here and explore their influence on Southern California art, architecture, culture and lifestyle. We will journey with past masters such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, Paul Revere Williams and Ray Kappe up to current influencers like Richard Meir, Richard Landry, Thom Mayne, Frank Gehry and more.

    We will also explore the images of Julius Shulman, whose ability to capture the most iconic architectural images had amazing impact in exposing the “Art of California Architecture” and helped propel the careers of many.

    In addition, we will do a deep and intimate dive into Neutra’s “Kaufmann Desert House” and its influence on the modernism movement in Southern California.