Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainability

The Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainability (IBES) at Loyola Marymount University was founded to advance student learning, academic research and stakeholder engagement in ethics and sustainability for the 21st century organization. Affirming the vital role of business in the service of human development, IBES understands that sustainability – business, social and environmental – needs to be the mission and strategic focus of every business enterprise. With an emphasis on ethical decision-making, social responsibility and environmental sustainability, IBES brings business leaders, scholars and community members together to enhance student learning, business success and community partnership.

Two-day dialogue series with US industry leaders on March 16 & UK leaders on March 17.
Virtual International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition, April 4-8.
Student-made videos highlighting four businesses and the way they advance SDGs 10 & 11.
An urgent call to action in global partnership
Equipping students of today to be change agents for tomorrow
Ethical business practice and professional responsibility
View CBA activities from 2018-2020 that relate to the SDGs