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The undergraduate business program is derived from the CBA mission that promotes academic excellence and sound ethical judgment. The aim of the undergraduate business curriculum is to provide business students with the academic and professional training to develop well-rounded individuals with critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. Our graduates are expected to manage complex organizational functions in an economically and culturally diverse global setting. The CBA's highly qualified and professionally involved faculty take a genuine interest in the personal and professional success of each and every student.

Academic Majors

  • Accounting

    LMU's nationally-ranked Accounting Program prepares students for a career in public, corporate or governmental accounting. Our accounting alumni hold management positions in corporations, public accounting firms and government agencies, or work as self-employed accountants.

    Students majoring in accounting will be able to:

    • Use managerial accounting methods and techniques to solve both structured and unstructured, real-world business problems
    • Explain, apply and evaluate the key provisions and exceptions in the federal tax code
    • Explain and apply an ethical conceptual framework to solve real-world ethical problems
    • Begin their graduate studies or careers in accounting at entry-level professional positions

    The LMU Department of Accounting houses the Center for Accounting Ethics, Governance, and the Public Interest and the Paul A. Grosch Lecture Series, both which bring prominent executives and local business leaders to the LMU campus to recount their experiences and share their knowledge on some of the biggest issues in accounting, ethics and global business today.

  • Applied Information Management Systems (AIMS)

    Do you enjoy technology like iPhones, iPods and Facebook? If so, then you have what it takes to major in AIMS (Applied Information Management Systems). All you need is an interest in technology and a desire to use technology to improve people's lives.

    The AIMS major at LMU provides students with a broad technological and business foundation so they are equipped to tackle a wide array of problems across different jobs and organizational settings. Students learn how businesses use information to improve the company's operations and how to manage various information systems so that they best serve the needs of managers, staff and customers.

    Given rapid technological advancements, a career in AIMS promises to be exciting for those who enjoy meeting new intellectual challenges in the workplace, solving problems and participating in business decision-making at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. Demand for AIMS graduates is often intense and salaries are attractive.

    LMU's College of Business Administration offers two AIMS majors from which students can choose:

    • B.B.A. in AIMS requires five courses (15 units) from the Department of AIMS
    • B.S. in AIMS requires the same five courses (15 units) in addition to four courses (12 units) from the Department of Computer Science, one of which is a mandatory programming course

    Visit the AIMS website

  • Entrepreneurship

    LMU's Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship is dedicated to instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in all our students, whether they are pursuing a startup or planning to join a large organization.

    Our nationally-ranked Entrepreneurship Program offers a state-of-the-art curriculum combined with innovative co-curricular activities. Undergraduate and graduate courses are designed to challenge students and expand the limits of their entrepreneurial capacity. Our co-curricular programs provide opportunities to connect with successful entrepreneurs, visit leading companies, participate in business plan competitions, and develop hands-on experience in building a business.

    We are proud of our world famous Business Incubator which provides students with the workplace and guidance to prepare their businesses for the real world. We also host the Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur Lecture Series, Dinner with a Winner and Wall of Honor Awards, all which allow students to learn from and make connections with successful entrepreneurs.

    Visit the Entrepreneurship website

  • Finance

    A degree in Finance provides students with 1) the necessary skills to perform rigorous financial analysis; 2) an adequate understanding of financial markets, institutions and current issues, in order to 3) contribute more to firms in their chosen specialty within finance upon graduation from LMU. Students develop analytical skills in the application of theory and tools essential to financial planning, investments, financial markets, institutions and corporate planning while acquiring the vocabulary and critical financial perspectives needed to enhance their careers and personal financial goals.

    LMU Finance graduates:

    • Understand how to assess a firm's financial performance
    • Know how to value a stream of cash flows
    • Understand the relationship between risk and return and the benefits of diversification
    • Are able to make sound investment decisions
    • Understand the determinants and importance of a firm's capital structure
    • Understand how financial managers deal with international risk
    • Understand important considerations in working capital management

    Visit the Finance website

  • Management

    LMU's Management major teaches students to successfully plan, organize and lead an organization. The curriculum focuses on the practical skills, ethical issues and management theory necessary to succeed in the diverse global economy.

    Management majors come to understand the critical role that management plays in an organization. Students learn the principal methods, models and concepts of management, and how to apply them to real-life settings. Coursework incorporates theory, strategy, and real-world case studies in areas such as management policy, compensation and rewards, training and development, human resources, employee and labor relations, and international management.

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  • Marketing

    LMU's Marketing major helps students focus on activities that facilitate exchange between individuals and organizations. Students learn the art and science of defining opportunities and persuading people to try the products or services an organization offers.

    Marketing students focus on specific areas such as consumer behavior, market research, brand management, international marketing, promotion management, sales, business-to-business marketing, perspectives on consumption, pricing, marketing law, sports marketing, and global marketing strategy.

    Students gain a broad understanding of the role of marketing in both business and non-business situations. They come to understand the elements of the marketing mix, and how these elements can be integrated to achieve organizational objectives.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

  • Accounting
  • Applied Information Management Systems (AIMS)

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

  • Applied Information Management Systems (AIMS)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing