Brandin Cohen​ '10

Brandin Cohen

Co-founder and CEO
Liquid I.V.

Brandin Cohen is the CEO and co-founder of Liquid I.V., a company that he started in 2012 when he was 24 years old in the LMU Business Incubator class. 

From the very beginning, Brandin and his team dedicated themselves to their mission of Changing The World and helping people everywhere live better lives. 

Since then, Liquid I.V. has sold hundreds of millions of servings of their breakthrough Hydration Multiplier, Energy, and Sleep products, and donated millions of servings to people in need around the globe. In September 2020, Liquid I.V. joined hands with another socially responsible corporation, Unilever.

Brandin has one other passion other than business — helping to build the best entrepreneurship program in the world at LMU.