Video Resources

Video Resources

These videos show winning presentation from the 2019 IBESCC. Chosen topics relate to one of the SDGs and are stipulated in the Executive Summary, which can be seen by clicking on the school's name. 

(25 Minute) No Fowl Play: Sifting Through the Manure at Tyson Foods, Claremont McKenna College

(25 Minute) E-cigarettes: Saving or Creating an Addiction?, University of Florida  (Graduate)

(10- Minute) Going out of Fashion - The Power of Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing, University of Melbourne School, Ormond College

(10 Minute) Victoria's Unsustainable Secret, George Washington University (Graduate)

(90 Second) The Heart of the Problem: Reusing Pacemakers, University of Miami

(90 Second) Using Home Compostable and Biodegradable Packaging in the Apparel Industry, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Graduate)

SDG Related Videos

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