* winning presentation
** runner-up presentation

**The Modern-Day Sweatshop: Meta's Moderation Labor Practices

Cornell University, Mann Consulting

*Shake Shack's Sustainability Squeeze-Creating an Environmentally Friendly Menu

Florida International University, CALA Consulting



*Eartherum: Reducing Carbon Footprint through Sustainable Crypto Practices

Florida International University, SJK Consulting


**Corporate Transparency and Sustainable Product Lifecycles at Nike

George Washington University, DMV Consulting Group

**Hugo Boss: Not the Boss of Workers Rights

George Washington University, Avant Garde Consulting

Creating a More Circular Economy

Loyola University Maryland, Relooped

Shineless Childhood: Mica Exploitation in India

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Ark 754


**Creating Equitable Access to Clean Diets with Food Waste

Rollins College, HOMZ Consulting


Improving Sustainable Food Efforts in the Travel Industry

Rolling College, HMD Solutions


**Rice as a Tool: Improving Lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

Saint Peter's University, Ambrosia Consulting

The Modern-Day Sweatshop: Meta's Moderation Labor Practices

Santa Barbara City College, Apollonian Consulting

Palantir: Protectors of Privacy

Temple University, Privacy Patrol

*The Sustainable Development away from Jakarta's Dependency on Cars

University of Florida, Metro Consulting

Fast Fashion: Diving into Unfair Labor Practices

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, JAMCA Inc.

*Cryptocurrency: The Digital Wild West 

University of Manitoba, Ethical & Sustainable Consulting

*The Polar Collective - Digital Currencies: The Future or a Fad

The University of Manitoba, U20 Ethical & Sustainable Consulting


Building the Sustainable Contract: The Ethics of NFTs

The University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sustainverse Consulting Group

*The Power of Waste

University of Miami, Phoenix Group

*One Drop at at Time

University of Miami, Tethys Consulting

*Bittersweet: Fair Trade and Labor Issues in the Cacao Industry 

University of Washington, CAMMZ Consulting

* The videos for University of Massachusetts Amherst, Stetson University, Loyola University Maryland, Loyola Marymount University (Lettuce Change), and St.Thomas Aquinas College were unfortunately lost due to techical issues.