Amazon and Biodegradable Packaging 
(U02) Executive Summary

Bisleri Invests in Water Infrastructure Aligning with the Indian Government
(U10) Executive Summary

Bittersweet: Fair Trade and Labor Issues in the Cacao Industry
CAIMZ Consulting (G2) Executive Summary

Brighter Future with Your Energy
(U15) Executive Summary

Building Codes and Climate Crisis: The ICC and Stakeholder Alignment
Top Hat Consulting (U9) Executive Summary

Building the Sustainable Contract: The Ethics of NFTS
SustainVerse Consulting Group (U16) Executive Summary

Building with Zero 
(U14) Executive Summary

Carbon Carma: Plant It Forward
Ceres Group, Carbon Carma: Plant It Forward

Cargill: Fighting World Hunger By Destroying the Planet
(G07) Executive Summary

Carnival Corporation: From Waste to Riches
Nemo Consulting Firm, Carnival Corporation: From Waste to Riches

Coerced Cobalt: Diving into Apple's Labor Practices
BEA Advisors, Coerced Cobalt; Diving into Apple's Labor Practices

Combustion-Less Elimination and Repurposing of Garbage Through Waste Gasification
Phoenix Group (U18) Executive Summary

Corporate Transparency and Sustainable Product Lifecycles at Nike
DMV Consulting Group (U14) Executive Summary

The Cost of Food Trends: Do Healthy Diets Sustain a Healthy Planet?
(G02) Executive Summary

Creating a More Circular Economy
ReLooped (U22) Executive Summary

Creating Equitable Access to Clean Diets with Food Waste
HOMZ Consulting (G9) Executive Summary

Creating More Opportunities for Small Businesses
(G05) Executive Summary

Cryptocurrency: The Digital Wild West
Ethical and Sustainable Consulting (U20) Executive Summary

The Danger of PVC Pumps: Exploring Jimmy Choo’s Product Development
(U07) Executive Summary

Developing Women's Rights Within the Workplace
UniWRights, Developing Women’s Rights Within the Workplace

Digital Currencies: The Future or a Fad?
Polar Collective (G1) Executive Summary

Eartherum: Reducing Carbon Footprint through Sustainable Crypto Practices
SJK Consulting Group (G4) Executive Summary

Environmental Impacts of Coca-Cola's Plastic Bottles
Earth Health Consulting (U13) Executive Summary

Establishing Equitable Postsecondary Practices: A Critical Evaluation of the CCRC
(G01) Executive Summary

Ethical Leadership and Apple
(U08) Executive Summary

Expanding Misfits Business to Enhance Food Security and Reduce Waste
Lettuce Change (U11) Executive Summary

ExxonMobil's Green Future: Refining a Well Oiled Machine
(U11) Executive Summary

The Faceless Army at Amazon's Disposal
(U03) Executive Summary

Fakebook: Time to Face the Truth
Minerva Consulting, Fakebook: Time to Face the Truth

Fast Fashion: Diving Into Unfair Labor Practices
JAMCA INC. (U24) Executive Summary

A Fishing Village with Empty Nets
Team CREDO, A Fishing Village with Empty Nets

From Tobacco to Hemp: Building a New Market in Indonesia
(U01) Executive Summary

Gig Delivery: Big Opportunities, Big Issues
Tintolkers, Gig Delivery: Big Opportunities Big Issues

Haiti Versus Famine and Poverty: Instructions for Kiva
Spirit Corporation (U3) Executive Summary

Hugo Boss: Not the Boss of Worker's Rights
Avant Garde Consulting (G7) Executive Summary

Improving Sustainable Food Efforts in the Travel Industry
HMD Solutions (G6) Executive Summary

Inking Towards a Better Future
Harris Consulting, Inking Towards a Better Future

The Modern-Day Sweatshop: Meta's Moderation Labor Practices
Mann Consulting (U21) Executive Summary

Nestlé and Ginnie Springs: Socially Responsible Business or Unsustainable Water Management?
(U06) Executive Summary

Neuralink: Revolutionary Brain Technology or Abrusive Intrusion?
Apollonian Consulting (U5) Executive Summary

Palantir: Protectors of Privacy
Privacy Patrol (G5) Executive Summary

The Power of Tourism to Address the Challenges of Poverty
(U09) Executive Summary

Rice as a Tool: Improving Lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo
4A Ambrosia Consulting (U1) Executive Summary

Ruse or Reality: Tesla’s Road to a Sustainable Future
(U12) Executive Summary

Shake Shack's Sustainability Squeeze – Creating an Environmentally Friendly Menu
CALA Consulting (U12) Executive Summary

Shineless Childhood
Ark 745 (U10) Executive Summary

A SOS Call: ASOS’s Unsustainable Supply Chain
(U17) Executive Summary

SPACs and Wealth Inequality: Opportunity or Risk for Retail Investors?
(U04) Executive Summary

Speed, Security, and Espionage: Cisco Challenges Huawi
Caretta Consulting, Speed, Security, and Espionage: Cisco Challenges Huawei

The Sustainable Development away from Jakarta's Dependency on Cars
Metro Counseling (U2) Executive Summary

Shifting Seas: A Case for Sustainable Shipping Practices
(U16) Executive Summary

Sustainable Synthesis and Non-Extractable Production of Drinking Water Through Solar Panels
Tethys Consulting (U6) Executive Summary

Sustainable Tourism
Tourism Dimensions Consulting, Sustainable Tourism

Titans of Deceit: Tanishq's Unsustainable Supply Chain
High Point Consulting, Titans of Deceit: Tanishq’s Unsustainable Supply Chain

Utilizing Solar Technologies to Improve Water and Electricity Quality in South Sudan
(U13) Executive Summary

Walk Together: Tourism without Barriers
(G03) Executive Summary