* winning presentation
** runner-up presentation

**ExxonMobil's Green Future: Refining a Well Oiled Machine 

Claremont McKenna College, Robert Day School Consulting

The Power of Tourism to Address the Challenges of Poverty

College of the Canyons, TCM Tourism Consultants 

**The Danger of PVC Pumps: Exploring Jimmy Choo's Product Development 

George Washington University, District Consultants 

*A SOS Call: ASOS's Unsustainable Supply Chain

George Washington UniversityThe Forward Firm

*Walk Together: Tourism without Barriers 

Hanyang University, Impact Consulting Group

Brighter Future with Your Energy 

Istanbul Commerce University, Cityling Consulting

*Amazon and Biodegradable Packaging 
Loyola Marymount University, Enutriet Consulting

How Much Wood Would IKEA Chop if IKEA Could Chop Colombian Wood?

Pontifica Universidad Javeriana, Tangara Consulting Group

From Tobacco to Hemp: Building a New Market in Indonesia

Saint Peter's University, JCBG Consulting

Utilizing Solar Technologies to Improve Water and Electricity Quality in South Sudan 

St. Thomas Aquinas College, Helios International Consulting 

Nestle and Ginnie Springs: Socially Responsible Business or Unsustainable Water Management? 

Stetson University, Top Hat Consulting

*Shifting Seas: A Case for Sustainable Shipping Practices 

Texas A&M University, Live Oak Consulting

Establishing Equitable Postsecondary Practices: A Critical Evaluation of the CCRC

Texas State University, Southern Postsecondary Research Board

**Ethical Leadership at Apple 

University of Detroit Mercy, Loyola & McAuley Consultants LLC

**Cargill: Fighting World Hunger by Destroying the Planet 

University of Florida, Sustainable Solutions Consulting  

Bisleri Invests in Water Infrastructure Aligning with the Indian Government 

University of FloridaVaruna Consulting

SPACs and Wealth Inequality: Opportunity or Risk for Retail Investors?

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Inclusive Investing Consulting Group

*Ruse or Reality: Tesla's Road to a Sustainable Future 

University of Miami, Amet Consulting

*Building with Zero
University of Miami, Vulcan Solutions

Creating More Opportunities for Small Businesses 

University of Washington, Four Squares

The Cost of Food Trends: Do Healthy Diets Sustain a Healthy Planet? 

University of Washington, Sustainable Solutions

* The video for Grinnell College was unfortunately lost