D.K. Kim Foundation Business for Good Program

The D.K. Kim Foundation Business for Good Program, housed within the Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainability at LMU College of Business Administration, opens individuals’ minds to new ways of thinking about business, informed by our Jesuit and Marymount values and decades of pioneering research. The program aligns with the CBA mission "to advance knowledge and develop business leaders with moral courage and creative confidence to be a force for good in the global community."

The Business for Good program focuses on subsistence marketplaces and designs business solutions for low-income communities around the globe. Rather than using a top-down approach, our program uses a unique bottom-up approach that intentionally centers on the individuals or communities at the micro-level. This approach is particularly valuable as we seek to understand contexts of poverty and how to directly engage those individuals at every stage of the business solution process. 

The Business for Good program was established with a significant gift from the D.K. Kim Foundation to design and disseminate Business for Good learning experiences, thereby deepening the educational experience and increasing the program’s impact on communities around the globe. 

Program Objectives

The D.K. Kim Foundation Business for Good Program is distinct and builds on our experience with three objectives:

  1. Expand Business for Good learning experiences to LMU students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders.

  2. Share our Business for Good approach with educators across the globe to impact education in developing and emerging economies.

  3. Create global virtual platforms for youth and communities on Business for Good and marketplace literacy.