Next-Gen Learning: The Future of Education, AI, and the Metaverse

On September 19, 2023, Professor Ellen Ensher hosted the IBES panel featuring LMU alumna Taylor Shead '11, founder and CEO of STEMuli, the groundbreaking gaming company at the intersection of AI, education, and workforce development. Founded in 2020 when Taylor partnered with the Dallas Independent School District to launch the country’s first educational metaverse, Stemuli’s mission is to make education and career navigation accessible to 8 billion people by turning brands into metaversities, while helping anyone navigate an intellectually and economically fulfilling career.

A visionary leader known for breaking barriers and fostering innovation, Taylor was the 94th Black woman in the world to secure over $1 million in venture capital. Joining Taylor werebKhiry Kemp and Naomi Thomas, LA-based entrepreneurs whose companies were acquired by STEMuli. LMU alumna Brittany Crockett '10, Head of Platform at LA-based venture capital firm Slauson & Co., moderated the discussion exploring the future of education, AI, and a gamified, educational metaverse.


Taylor Shead '11
Founder & CEO, STEMuli


Naomi Thomas
Head of Digital, STEMuli


Khiry Kemp
Head of Operations, STEMuli


Brittany Crockett '10
Head of Platform, Slauson & Co.