In Person 90 Second Presentation

 Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, IBERO, Loyola University of Maryland: 90 Second Presentations

1:30-Loyola University Maryland-Carbon Combatants: Are You Still Watching? Carbon Emissions Are Streaming
5:07-IBERO-Renovive S.A de C.V :Powering Sustainable Development: Responsible Consumption, Production, and Affordable Clean Energy
9:28-IBERO-Aqua Clean: Ensuring Access to Clean Water and Sanitation for the City of Tulancing
12:10-Loyola University Maryland-Micro Solutions Consulting: Vacant Lots to Green Spots: Pocket Parks in Communities
14:50-Pontificia -Sustain-equality Consulting:From the Crop to Your Company: Income Inequality in the Agricultural sector in Colombia

Loyola Marymount University, Grinnell College, St. Thomas College, University of Massacheusetts-Amherst: 90 Second Presentations

0:06- Loyola Marymount University, Clean Future Consulting, Food For Thought: Good Lunch Today For a Better Tomorrow
2:07- Grinnell College, Union Consulting Group, New Cola Wars: Workers against Coca-Cola
4:40- St. Thomas Aquinas College, EcoRenewable Solutions, How Apple Can Revitalize Solar Panel Waste 7:00- University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Sustainable Advisory Collective, Sustainable Aquaculture for Cephalopods

Washington, Michigan State, San Francisco, Miami: 90 Second Presentations

1:33 - Michigan State University, The Carbon Neutralizers: E-Waste Refurbishment to Educate and Empower Disadvantaged Communities
4:58 - University of Miami, Madini Consulting: Digging Deep: Congo’s Blood and Iphone’s Glow
7:55 - University of San Francisco, School of Management, Kaah Kaah Consulting: Sustainable Cocoa Farming in Cameroon
10:26 - Loyola Marymount University, 4x4 Consulting: Clean Energy Solutions in Brazil through Electric Vehicle Battery Innovation

 Michigan State, XLRI, Massachusetts-Amherst, Manitoba: 90 Second Presentations

1:20 - University of Manitoba, Asper School of Business, Windchill Consulting, Delivery Hero: From Carbon Offsets to Green Delivery
4:25 - Michigan State University, 24-CARAT, Unified Sustainability Reporting
7:35 - XLRI - Xavier School of Management, Green Guardians, “The lightweight with a heavy punch!” - Tata Steel, reignited with Hydrogen
11:23 - XLRI - Xavier School of Management, The Sustainable Squad, Waste Helix: Physical Waste of the Digital World
14:30 - The University of Massachusetts-Amherst, KBJ Consulting, Credit Acceptance Corporation (CAC), and the Ethics of Sub-Prime Lending