Here are some ways to get involved, have a look-see and let us know if one if them gets your gears going.

Sponsor a Project

Finance an innovative project to prepare students for real world experiences. Brand exposure included with purchase. Help us help you!

Provide Intern / Entry-Level Opportunities

Giving our students a chance to win you over is one of the best ways to help us. Email us your job descriptions and links; we'll be sure to get them in front of our students.

Lead a Session in your Space

Got a really cool space and some fun people roaming the halls? Our students love to get off-campus and see how the sausage is made. It's a great way to get on students' radar and build awareness for your company.

Guest Lecture on Campus

Come give a talk in one of our classes. Is there something you or someone at your office is extra passionate about? Come share it with the students.

Give Us a Problem to Solve

All too often, agencies have those "parking lot" tasks that never seem to get done. Give one to us and let us think about it, and we'll present some solutions. Real world stuff is the best.

Mentor a Team

Mentor a team of students through a semester-long project. Reach out if interested. Also join our LinkedIn Mentorship page!

Something Else?

We're open to suggestions.

If one or more of these sounds like a good fit, drop us a line at and tell us about it.