The M-School is a one-of-a-kind, two-year program at LMU built for the next generation of creative storytellers, innovators, and strategists. Est. 2012.


Take a look at the video created by NinetyEight, an agency founded by six alumni of the Class of '20!

Michaela Lumia
So much work, so little room. Check out some of our students' creative works.
Est 2012. M-School has been cultivating the next generation of creative marketers for the past decade. What better way to celebrate than with a 5 minutes of nonsense.
A short film about how our students are using their powers for good.
Mark Miller
Mark Miller, Chief Strategy Officer at Team One
"...The ambition of the M-School is not to develop book-smart students who only have an appreciation for the accepted rules of marketing, but real-world ready students."
Andrew Dubois
Andrew Dubois, Managing Director at Magnetry LA
"This program bridges the gap between industry need and entry level readiness like nothing I have witnessed before. [Students] meet and beat expectations every time..."
Susan Franceschini
Susan Franciscini, Former Executive Director at ThinkLA
"M-School gives [students] practical skills and experience that affords them an advantage as they seek internships and, ultimately, a career in the industry."
Mike Peditto
Mike Peditto, Account & Group Director
"M-School students have a more realistic set of expectations for the first few years of their career, and are more equipped to handle the day to day rigors of the job."
Daniel Oliden '21, SHINE Marketing Associate at Deloitte
"Everything we did in the classroom is directly translating into the workplace, which is awesome. I'm grateful to have been a part of something so special."

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