Involving tens of thousands of jobs in the U.S., creative marketing is an exciting opportunity for anyone who enjoys a challenging, fast-pace, constantly evolving career. Although there are many different roles that you can pursue, advertising agencies make up a significant portion of the marketing landscape. Agencies are agents that work on behalf of a client. In other words, agencies don't produce the "product" being marketed, but rather are specialists within a given area and are hired by a company (e.g. product maker, service provider, retailer) or an individual (e.g. entrepreneur, celebrity or politician) to help them grow and stay relevant.

There are many different types of agencies: creative, media, digital studio, social media, promotions, experiential, influencer, public relations, strategy and innovation, and more. Some client-agency relationships are what is called Agency of Record (AOR), which is characterized as a long-term committed relationship (think marriage), whereas others are more short-term project-based (think dating). Some larger companies even have their own in-house agencies. Although no two agencies are the same, they tend to have similar departments within them.

Following are some common disciplines and roles that exist within the creative marketing industry. Broadly speaking, these departments fall within three areas: 1) Strategy, Management and Media, 2) Content Creation, 3) Production and 4) Digitial & Social Specialists.


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