Nine MSESI students posing in the atrium of University Hall

Challenge Convention, Reinvent Business, Change the World

In collaboration with Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering, the LMU M.S. in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation is designed for students who are determined to make a difference in their organization and in society. Our program will prepare you to launch your own firm, join a venture capital-backed start-up, step in as a change agent in a large corporate enterprise, contribute to a social enterprise or bring new, innovative skills to your family business.

Our unique curriculum delivers essential theoretical, applied and experiential learning, blending several major disciplines including entrepreneurial management, science/engineering and environmental law/policy. Faculty will facilitate opportunities for you to connect and learn best practices from the leading firms in southern California while networking and gaining valuable experience. Our capstone project provides you the opportunity to practice creating innovative solutions, either with a leading company or your own entrepreneurial/start-up project.

This is not your typical graduate program. Our faculty emphasizes exploring, creating, doing and building — not tests, homework and grades. We welcome visionaries — people passionate for change, brave to challenge convention and eager to reinvent business.

Program Delivery and Schedule

The M.S. in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation can be completed in 12 months (fall, spring and summer) on a full-time basis or 24 months on a part-time basis; admission is offered for fall enrollment. Courses are delivered in a hybrid format; some classes will be taught in an online asynchronous modality while the remaining classes take place in-person.

In-person classes are offered Monday to Thursday every other week starting at 6:30 p.m. to provide students with the flexibility to balance traditional coursework with their capstone project and co-curricular programming; classes consist of 20–30 students.

Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship

Throughout the M.S. in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation program, you will engage with the southern California ecosystem through a comprehensive set of co-curricular programming from the LMU Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship. These events and activities provide numerous opportunities to develop your entrepreneurial vision and introduce you to potential career paths while providing hands-on mentorship. Programming offered includes site visits, pitch competitions, expert lectures and networking events.

Our Beautiful Southern California Campus

Palm walk outside the Hilton Center for Business leading to the Hannon Library

Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world and a global engine of innovation and invention. Aerospace, entertainment, technology, fashion, international finance, biotechnology, manufacturing, marketing... It's all here in the 3rd largest metropolitan economy in the world. Located in the heart of Silicon Beach, our beautiful Westchester campus is surrounded by more than 500 technology startups — some of the nation's most innovative and creative companies. This dynamic region is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the U.S. and a thriving hub for synergistic learning.