What Will You Choose?

M.S. in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation students' careers will be initially defined by choosing one of several paths:

A student next to their project at an event with the words The Entrepreneur

Start Your Own Company

  • Identify a significant opportunity and take your idea to market.
  • Launch a sustainable, triple-bottom-line company.

Students in professional attire discussing class notes with the words The Builder

Contribute to an Expanding Venture

  • Join forces with other entrepreneurs and managers in a start-up environment.
  • Gain an executive position in a high-growth company.

Two students showing a box with their proposed product packaged into it at an event with the words The Advocate

Lead a Social Enterprise

  • Launch or join a social enterprise and create the change you want to see.
  • Utilize your entrepreneurial and managerial competencies to bring both innovation and processes to the social sector.

A student speaking at an event with the words The Change Agent

Innovate Inside an Established Firm

  • Design and launch a disruptive product.
  • Redesign processes to make them more sustainable and profitable.

As you grow your career, you may find yourself flipping back and forth between these roles. Some entrepreneurs stay with their initial passion project their entire career, and others found multiple companies. Some use their profits from successful ventures to fund non-profits or more socially conscious enterprises. A select few go back and forth between the start-up ecosystem and corporate environment.

In the world of entrepreneurship, everyone’s story is different. If you do not have a clear goal or idea in mind when you join our program, our mentors, faculty and staff will help you find your path.