Brandin Cohen

Brandin Cohen, B.B.A. '10

Liquid I.V.

After earning LMU Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010, Brandin founded Liquid I.V. in 2012. Eight years later, Unilever signed an agreement to acquire the brand.
Headshot of Tami Pardee

Tami Pardee, MBA '01

Founder and CEO
Pardee Properties

Since her company's founding in 2004, Tami has sold over $5 billion worth of residential and commercial real estate, was named one of “Los Angeles’ 500 Most Influential People" and presented with the Philanthropist of the Year Award from the "Los Angeles Business Journal."
Garett Awad

Garett Awad, B.B.A. '07

Vice President of Marketing
Nobell Foods

As one of the first employees of TOMS, Garett helped it grow from $50,000 in revenue to a multi-million dollar brand as their Director of Retail Marketing.
Robb Monkman

Robb Monkman, B.B.A. '05

Vice President of Marketing
Teal Communications, Inc.

React Mobile

After a career in government security and a harrowing personal experience, Robb founded React Mobile, a personal safety app designed to call for help instantly.