New Idea Pitch Competition

Open to all LMU students, from any major or college, graduate or undergraduate.

Have you ever hit yourself over the head and said, "I thought of that idea a long time ago" when a new idea hit the market and was a big success? Now's the time for you to put your idea on paper and enter the New Idea Pitch Competition!

Submit a one-page description of your NEW BUSINESS IDEA that shows (with sketches, if appropriate) what it is, what problem you are solving, how this idea solves the problem, the market, who your customers are, possible costs and sell prices, etc., and demonstrates that it is a feasible idea to

Joyce and Don '52 Nores

If you are chosen as a finalist, you will be given 90 seconds to present your idea to a panel of judges and convince them it's a grand idea worthy of being born! The concept is that you just stepped onto an elevator going to the 66th floor - the only other person on the elevator is Bill Gates!

Sponsored by The Donald and Joyce Nores Entrepreneurial Endowment, through the generosity of Joyce and Don '52 Nores, founders of DPS Tickets.