Entrepreneurship Fellows

The Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship Fellows Program is an important component of the university-wide initiative to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and education. Launched in 2019, the program offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial faculty members from various disciplines to connect with other like-minded colleagues, explore the field of entrepreneurship, and serve as ambassadors of entrepreneurship in their departments and schools/colleges. Fellows are typically appointed for 1-2 years (they may be re-appointed) to work on research, curriculum development or outreach initiatives that link their home discipline to entrepreneurship. They also contribute to ongoing discussions regarding cross-disciplinary applications of entrepreneurship and the development of LMU as an entrepreneurial university.

  • Saeri Dobson, Chair of Studio Arts & Professor of Design
  • Justin Hughes, Hon. William Matthew Byrne, Jr. Chair Professor of Law
  • Emin Issakhanian, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Emily Jarvis, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Sunai Kim, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering & Environmental Science
  • Margaret Murphy, Associate Professor, Production, School of Film & Television
  • Ray Toal, Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science