Silvia Yabtuche - Wellness Pro

Silvia Yabtuche, business economics major, interned at Wellness Pro. 


Samantha Hernandez - VIP Internship Program

Samantha Hernandez '24, business administration major, took on the role of being a business consultant intern for small businesses.


Miguel Hernandez - VIP Internship Program

Miguel Hernandez, a sociology major, conducted analyses and essential market research to assist MoonSlice Beauty.


Jeremy Lee - Composium

Jeremy Lee '22, an economics and music major, developed essential skills through his Composium internship.


Galen Berger - AfterBuzz TV

Galen Berger '23, a film, television, and media studies major, took on important roles at her AfterBuzz TV internship.


Alexis Sabo - Share Ventures

Alexis Sabo '22, a marketing major, interned at a startup called Share Ventures.


Dominic Pacheco - Suwandi Foundation

Dominic Pacheco '22, a finance major, interned as a business developer at a non-profit called the Suwandi Foundation.


Leonard Armstrong - Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Leonard Armstrong '22, an English major, carried out important assignments while interning at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival.


Skyler DeYoung - Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Skyler DeYoung '22, a film and TV productions major, completed a rewarding internship this summer at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival.


Sophia Agrusa - Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate

Sophia Agrusa '22, a psychology major with a business administration minor, completed her summer internship working for Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate.


Bretta Lichtenwalner - Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Bretta Lichtenwalner '22, a film and TV productions major, took on important tasks as she became an essential figure in organizing the Los Angles Greek Film Festival.


Amanda Meegan - California Governor's Office

Amanda Meegan '21, a marketing major with a data analytics emphasis, completed a rewarding internship in Global Investments at the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economics.