Experiential Learning Courses

LMU CIBE is pleased to highlight the following experiential learning programs:

Exploring Asian Culture (INBA 2898)

Exploring Asian Culture is an introduction to the culture and history of East Asia for understanding today’s Asian business world. Students study the recent political history of China, Japan and Korea, gain an understanding of the ways in which various historical events and political policies have shaped cultural values and norms in East Asia, and relate these ideas to important concepts of conducting business in East Asia. The course includes travel to Asia. Learn more.

Global Sustainability: Challenges and Prospects in East Asia (INBA 4898/MGMT 4698/ENTR 4398)

This course takes a close look at what is happening in business strategy today through the lens of global sustainability. Students explore corporate sustainability challenges and opportunities in a global context and with a particular emphasis on East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and China. This course includes travel to Seoul and Tokyo featuring guest lectures, corporate visits and cultural excursions. Learn more.

John P. Daly Summer Scholarships

Summer scholarships to support students who want to learn conversational Korean and gain an understanding of Korean culture in this virtual cultural immersion program offered by our sister Jesuit university, Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea. Learn more.