Experiential Learning Courses

LMU CIBE is pleased to highlight the following experiential learning programs:

INBA 2880 Exploring Asian Culture

Asia has become one of the most important political, economic and cultural centers of the world. In particular, East Asian nations like China, South Korea and Japan provide the world with valuable goods and services and have collectively become powerful enough to be major players in the global economy. These countries are among the most dynamic economic engines in the world. As such, it is critical for students to learn the historical, socio-political and economic backgrounds of East Asia in order to understand how business works in this region. This course will provide students with an overview of the recent socio-political and economic developments of East Asia and an opportunity to gain firsthand cultural experiences from the two-week overseas trip to East Asia. This is a four-unit course. Learn more.

Global Sustainability in Asia | INBA 4895 | MGMT 4695 | ENTR 4398

This course explores cross-disciplinary theory and practice of sustainability within a global context, with an emphasis on East Asia. This course includes a two-week tour abroad following the spring semester to enrich student learning through direct international experience in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan featuring guest lectures, corporate visits and cultural excursions. Open to all majors of junior or senior standing. Consent of instructor required. This is a four-unit course and meets five Saturdays in the spring semester. No additional tuition if full time status. Travel fee is $3,500. Learn more.

John P. Daly Summer Scholarships

Summer scholarships to support students who want to learn conversational Korean and gain an understanding of Korean culture in this virtual cultural immersion program offered by our sister Jesuit university, Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea. Learn more.