The LMU CIBE invites full-time LMU faculty to submit scholarly research or an internationalized curriculum development proposal on issues related to enhancing the global competitiveness of U.S. companies and/or industries.

See proposal guidelines here. To view working papers, select PDFs below.

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Research Awarded

"A Global Pandemic Tragedy: The World’s Largest Durable Goods Industry on the Edge"
Aidin Namin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Marketing Analytics

"Contextualizing the Global Phenomenon of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in the Digital Age"
Myla Bui, Ph.D., Professor, Marketing

"Moral Disengagement Mechanisms in Consumer Coping with Animosity Associated with Desirable Foreign Brands"
Sijun Wang, Ph.D., Professor, Marketing

"Supernational institutions and foreign location strategy in Africa"
Yamlaksira Getachew, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Management

"Testing personal initiative (PI) training among "underdog" entrepreneurs in the United States"
Alexander Glosenberg, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Management
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"Linking Foreign Direct Investment and innovation in urban innovation ecosystems"
Sohvi Heaton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Management
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"Understanding Global Cybersecurity: Imperatives for Individuals, Societies, and Organizations"
Robert Koepp, Lecturer, Management

"War and Peace: The Effect of Trade War (De-) Escalation on Identity-Based Consumer Behavior"
Julian Saint Clair, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Marketing
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Curriculum Development Awarded

Chinese Business Language
Yu Li, Ph.D., Professor Modern Languages and Literatures

Cyber Security in Global Business
Mehrdad Sharbaf, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Information Systems and Business Analytics

French Business Language (French for the Film Industry / LeFrançais de l’industrie cinématographique)
Veronique Flambard-Weisbart, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Incorporating Global Sustainability into the Curriculum Through Virtual Immersion
Madhu Viswanathan, Ph.D., Professor, Marketing

Korean Business Language
Jennifer Lee, Lecturer, Management