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Organizations are finding that they need more than data collection and analysis; they need someone to solve potential challenges by identifying and analyzing the right datasets and propose business solutions. Our M.S. in Business Analytics positions you to be that valuable, in-demand asset to any organization.

Business analytics professionals have a wide variety of positions available to them. If you are drawn more to the technical aspects of data work, you may find Data Scientist, Analytics Modeler or Business Intelligence Analyst appealing to you. If you want to focus more on business strategy, you will gravitate to positions such as Marketing Analyst, Logistician or Consumer Insights Researcher.

The combination of your desired area of focus with the industry you choose to pursue will define the types of positions that are available. Business analytics professionals can be found in a wide range of industries including the following:



Meet MSBA Alumni

Eric Wu
While researching graduate programs, as a burgeoning business analytics professional, Eric knew immediately the LMU MSBA curriculum was impeccably designed.
Brenda Mas
After working for a real estate developer for over a decade, Brenda wanted a program that would advance her career while engaging her passion for data.