Program: M.S. in Business Analytics
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Undergraduate Experience: Fu Jen Catholic University | B.B.A. in Statistics and Information Sciences

a photo of Eric Wu

What was the a-ha moment that led you to apply to LMU’s Graduate Business School?
After I graduated from university, I worked in business analytics for one year and was certain I wanted to stay in that field. Having been in the business analytics industry, I could tell the LMU curriculum was designed well. My undergraduate university was a Catholic school; so, I understand and relate to LMU’s mission. Also, I took a two-day trip here before applying to LMU and it just felt good to be in Los Angeles!

What do you hope to achieve professionally with your LMU graduate education?
My goal is to find a business analytics or data analytics job here on the west coast. My dream is to work for a company like Tesla, YouTube or Facebook.

What class/professor did you particularly enjoy?
Dr. Kala Seal – he explained regression in a brilliant way. The first semester he taught Excel and Tableau and in the second semester we learned Python. Before his class, I never knew Excel was so powerful and I know the companies I’m interested in will require advanced Excel knowledge. We also had a capstone project which was really practical and I appreciated all the critical thinking we did. Our project was about discovering successful retailer patterns. We were grouped with several local companies such as Fandango, RPA and RMD Group.