a photo of Mandy He, MBA '20, M.S. '21

Mandy He, MBA '20, M.S. '21

GTM Operations Analyst

After majoring in Spanish and English language study, Mandy switched gears and dove into business, enrolling in the LMU MBA Program. As her passion for data analytics grew, she enrolled in the MSBA program and interned for RMDS Labs twice, accepting a job offer from them upon graduation.

David Golshirazian ’20, M.S. ’21

David Golshirazian '20, M.S. '21

Data Analyst
Activision Blizzard

While completing his undergraduate degree in management at LMU, David was impressed by the strength of our quantitative courses. After a promotion to business intelligence analyst at his long-time employer, David leaned in and chose to take the next step in his analytics career by enrolling in the LMU MSBA program.

Karen Tafa

Karen Tafa '20, M.S. '21

Data Analyst
Manga Marketing

As an experienced content creator, Karen understands how important it is to interpret and leverage data to achieve success on content platforms. By choosing to earn her undergraduate and graduate degrees in business analytics, she is confident her career goals are within reach.

Eric Wu, '20

Eric Wu, M.S. '20

Data Analyst
Game Hours

As a burgeoning business analytics professional, Eric wanted to take steps to advance his career. While researching graduate programs, Eric found LMU and immediately knew our MSBA curriculum was impeccably designed.
Brenda Mas, '20

Brenda Mas, M.S. '20

VestWell Ventures

After working for a real estate developer for over a decade, Brenda wanted a program that would advance her career while engaging her passion for data.