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Become Essential

Piles of data are weighing down organizations, waiting for someone to create meaning. Be the person who finds valuable insights within. Influence high-level business decisions. Become an indispensable team member. Designed for college graduates with a statistics/quantitative background, the LMU M.S. in Business Analytics integrates business knowledge, data analytics and soft skills to empower professionals to solve problems across sectors.

Due to our innovative, integrative approach, we are able to effectively address the key three competencies necessary for top business analytics professionals: data management, big data modeling and analytics and business applications. Through our capstone project, you will gain and practice the interpersonal skills needed to manage business analytics projects including problem-framing, teamwork, project management and communication.

The business analytics field is rapidly growing and demand for qualified professionals is skyrocketing. Companies from all industries are looking for assistance in making data-driven decisions. Obtain your M.S. in Business Analytics and claim your seat at the table.

Alex LIu
“RMDS is honored to partner with Loyola Marymount University’s M.S. in Business Analytics program, considered one of the best in the nation. LMU teaches the latest techniques and advancements in the business analytics field and is highly connected with industry professionals through its MSBA Advisory Board, of which I’m a member. RMDS has sponsored capstone projects, hired interns and recruited graduates from LMU. This partnership demonstrates the mutual benefits that can result when academia and industry collaborate.”

Dr. Alex Liu
Founder & CEO

Program Delivery and Schedule

The M.S. in Business Analytics can be completed in 12 months on a full-time basis or 24 months on a part-time basis; admission is offered for fall enrollment. Core courses and electives will be completed in the fall and spring semester while capstone related courses will be completed in the summer semester. Part-time students will not be enrolled in courses in the summer semester between the first and second year.

Classes are offered weekdays and weeknights, and each class consists of 20–30 students.

Our Beautiful Southern California Campus

Playa Vista Campus

Los Angeles is the creative capital of the world and a global engine of innovation and invention. Aerospace, entertainment, technology, fashion, international finance, biotechnology, manufacturing, marketing... It's all here in the 3rd largest metropolitan economy in the world. Located in the heart of Silicon Beach, our Playa Vista campus is surrounded by more than 500 technology start-ups — some of the nation's most innovative and creative companies. This dynamic region is the 3rd largest start-up ecosystem in the U.S. and a thriving hub for synergistic learning.