Mark Macedo '86, MBA '94

Position: Principal, Geneva Street Partners Company
Industry: Real Estate Finance
Lesson Learned: Work hard. Learn your craft. Have integrity and honesty.

Mark Macedo
Mark Macedo

Mark Macedo is a real estate expert with years of experience and impressive accomplishments. Currently working as the principal of Geneva Street Partners Company, Macedo specializes in the field as a commercial developer and fiduciary fund manager. As a commercial developer, Macedo has been involved in the acquisition and development of thousands of multifamily homes, and through Fiduciary Fund Managing the principals have placed millions of dollars raised from investors in over $3.5 billion dollars’ worth of real estate transactions over the past two decades, resulting in an impressive average of 18% internal rate of return to their investors.

These successful accomplishments originated from an undeniable passion and a talent for real estate. This passion led Macedo to seeking opportunities early in his career that best suited his skill set and allowed him to grow his natural talents. As he continued to evolve and utilize his skills, he eventually gained the confidence to start his own business, a confidence he claims LMU gave him:

“The MBA program allowed me to gain access to certain employment opportunities I would not have had. This opportunity allowed me to grow exponentially and gain confidence in my career.”