Arturo Perez '03

Position: Founder & CEO, Kluge Interactive
Industry: Design
Lesson Learned: Life never quite turns out how you first imagine it but it does end up making sense. Don't be afraid to be yourself, stay honest and move forward.

Arturo Perez
Arturo Perez

I started an online music magazine at LMU that took over my life at the time. I loved the fact that Dr. Kiesner and Dr. Choi readily encouraged my passion for it in its purity while also teaching me how to be strategic and business-driven. It was an honor to be their student. Under Dr. Choi's mentorship I was able to learn much about the world of consulting, and after some success in the business consulting world, today I run a digital design agency. 

We work with clients such as Deloitte, Downtown Santa Monica, the Diocese of Orange, the Department of Cultural Affairs and LA technology startups such as Telesign, AdColony and Silicon Beach Fest.

With digital expertise at core, we help our clients with design facilitation, branding, print and web design. We also host monthly design events and are actively involved in the LA technology community.

I love staying in touch with LMU and seeing new students pitch their ideas and new ventures. One of my favorite programs is the partnership between Otis design students and Dr. Choi's business students. Encouraging collaboration between business thinkers and designers in today's careers is spot on and transformative to their careers. Watching Dr. Choi's courses constantly be at the cutting edge of modern business processes is inspiring.