Mothers and Education

DVD produced by Loyola Marymount University (2019)

Executive Produced by International Communication Foundation

Synopsis: In Korea an education is truly not a choice, it is a must. In the U.S. Students are confronted with many choices, but the Korean student has no choice except to get the highest education available.

Mothers and Education examines how mothers in two different education systems are fighting to help their children succeed while following how the societies and value systems in South Korea and the United States have influenced mother's perceptions of their role in their children's education.

Managing a Global Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities in International Human Resource Management, Third Edition

Authored by: Charles M. Vance; Yongsun Paik

Yongsun Paik, Ph.D., and chair for CBA's Center for Asian Business and Professor Charles Vance have had their third edition of "Managing a Global Workforce" recently published.

"Managing a Global Workforce" provides balanced and contemporary coverage of human resource management in the international marketplace. The book's approach is truly global in nature, recognizing contemporary trends in the global business arena, including the growing use of contingent workers, strategic alliances, and the need to have an active influence on the workers in these new organizational relationships. This book convinces readers that global talent management has become so critical to build an organization committed to recruit, retain, and develop the most talented employees available in the global market, thus creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Professors Paik and Vance took a very global direction with the book; it doesn't strictly focus on expatriates from the home office. It also illustrates contemporary trends in the global business arena, including the growing use of contingent workers, strategic alliances and the need to have an active influence on the workers in these new organizational relationships.

The Changing Face of Korean Management

Edited by Yongsun Paik and Chris Rowley

Part of the successful Routledge 'Working in Asia' series, The Changing Face of Korean Management focuses on a country that is predicted by some experts to become the world's third richest by 2025. South Korea, with its thriving telecommunications and automotive industries, and increasing trade links with China, survived the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis better than most. This important textbook explores the key areas of management in this pivotal country in the region, including:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • Overseas affiliates
  • Small firms and entrepreneurship
  • Women

Including case studies and interviews with front-line Korean managers to enable a real 'voice' to emerge, and written by native academics, this is a complete analysis of the current state of management structures in South Korea. It is important reading for all students of business and management interested in Asia.

Changing Korea: Understanding Culture and Communication

By T. Youn-Ja Shim, Min-Sun Kim & Judith N. Martin The Center completed a special research project on communication entitled CHANGING KOREA: Understanding Culture and Communication. The work was supported by grants from the Korea Foundation and the Y.B. Min Foundation, and was published by the Peter Lang Press. The authors are Theresa Shim, Vice President of Business Affairs, Loyola Productions Inc.; Dr. Judith N. Martin, Professor of Communication, Arizona State University; and Dr. Min-Sun Kim, Professor of Speech, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Fr. John P. Daly, S.J. served at Project Director.

In the last 50 years, Korea has transformed itself from an agrarian, Confucian-based culture into a global, technological powerhouse, and one of the most important political and economic forces in the world. Based on previous research and face-to-face interviews, the book shows how contemporary Koreans negotiate traditional Confucian values and Western capitalistic values in their everyday encounters--particularly in business and professional contexts. This is a useful companion book for courses in international business, intercultural communication, and Asian studies.