Business Chinese | CHIN 3998 | INBA 3898

This course prepares students for the business world of contemporary China by developing their linguistic and cultural proficiency in a business context. Building upon the students' elementary communication skills in Chinese, it focuses on contemporary usage of business Chinese in speaking and writing, Chinese business culture and custom, and preparation for working and living in China. It adopts a task-based approach and engages students in using Chinese in simulated business-related activities.

This is a four-unit course and meets three hours per week. This course fulfills the Chinese minor requirement as an upper-division elective. Prerequisite is CHIN 2104, by LMU language placement, or consent of the instructor.

Essentials in Korean Business Communications | INBA 2898

This course introduces basic Korean business language and etiquette. This course aims to help students develop beginning-level Korean language proficiency and cultural understanding of the business environment in Korea. Students will become familiar with important cultural elements embedded in the language. Main topics to discuss in this course include: greeting and self-introduction in a Korean business meeting, asking for locations and directions, ordering food at a restaurant, and making simple transactions. Students will practice and apply their skills through simulated performance tasks, which incorporate various authentic materials and technology resources.

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For additional language resources, please see the Business Language Learning LibGuide.