Faculty Research Fellowship Grants

Since 2006, the Center for Asian Business has awarded 35 research fellowship grants to LMU faculty. These grants are awarded to full-time faculty with at least one year of teaching experience at LMU. Supporting the center's mission, the endowed research fellowship was established to deepen our understanding of Asian culture, history, politics, economy, business and religions.

Applications are welcome from LMU faculty who are interested in research topics on Asia as suggested by the donating families. Although research may address broader Asian topics, topics related to Korea will be given special consideration as the donors indicated.

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The Moon Fellowship

Established by the Moon family to honor their father, Mathias Moon was a successful Korean entrepreneur and lay leader in the Korean Catholic Church. Suggested research may address the topics of any discipline related to Korea, either fully or partially. For example, it may include topics such as the Present and Future of Small Businesses in Korea; Entrepreneurship in Korea; Business Ethics or Sustainability; and Religions in Korea.

The Cheon Fellowship

Established by the Cheon family to honor Seong-Ho Cheon, chairman and CEO of the P.T. Dong Joe Indonesia, P.T. Hankook Ceramic, P.T. Spotec and P.T. Sunton. Suggested research projects include Entrepreneurship in Korea; Global Business of Korean Companies; Southeast Asian Economic Integration, etc.

The Y.B. Min Fellowship

Established by the Min family to honor their father, Y.B. Min, educator, entrepreneur and business pioneer in establishing language training centers throughout Korea. Suggested topics include Higher Education or International Business Education in Korea; Entrepreneurship in Korea.

Terms of the Award

A grant will be given for each fellowship. The research should be completed during summer. The recipient will be asked to acknowledge receipt of the award in any published work or forum. It is requested that copies of any work be given to the Center for Asian Business for its archives. 

Application Process

Please submit the following:

  • A three to four page research proposal, not including appendices like references. The proposal should include the description of the proposed research project and its objectives, literature review, research methods and plan for dissemination.
  • A recent curriculum vitae, including a list of publications
  • A letter of recommendation from the department chair

Submit your application package by January 31, 2022 to cab@lmu.edu