You might be a Management and Leadership major if you:

  • Are passionate about business
  • Like to lead and help others succeed
  • Are resilient and flexible
  • Don't wait to be told but take charge
  • Like to be involved in every aspect of a project

The Management and Leadership major can be summarized in three words:


We aim to position our students early on to not just find a job but a calling. We also place an emphasis on our students developing strategic or soft skills like communication, leadership and resilience.


In their sophomore year, students develop a curriculum plan – and get to choose two electives that complement their preferred career path. 


We offer a curriculum that has a global emphasis built in. The final required course is the Global Capstone, where students immerse themselves in management and have a unique global experience.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Management and Leadership major, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership principles, theories, skills, and traits within themselves and in organizations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the methods and management styles organizations use to sensitize and engage their employees in valuing diversity in the workplace
  • Identify and understand the major theoretical frameworks for team development and processes
  • Demonstrate decision making abilities in difficult situations through practice to develop confidence in effective and efficient leadership
  • Demonstrate global business knowledge, cross-cultural competencies, and appreciation for local and global business environments
  • Understand how to build nimble organizational cultures to promote innovation, collaboration, and creativity