Students in the "Managing Yourself" course were asked to create a comprehensive five-year career action plan culminating with a brief “TED-style talk” in which they addressed the following questions: “Who am I?" and "Where am I going?” Here are a few powerful and inspiring examples. 

Christopher Wilson: Why I Want to Be a Luminary


Christopher Wilson is double majoring in Management & Leadership and Accounting. He has secured internships with KPMG and Rasco FR, while also serving as the CFO of the Associated Students of Loyola Marymount University (ASLMU) and as the mentor coordinator for the LMU Accounting Society. Christopher is originally from Covington, Louisiana and loves to read and explore Los Angeles with his friends in his spare time.

Pamela Lising: Rollercoaster


Los Angeles native Pamela Lising is a transfer student at LMU. As a Management & Leadership major, she launched her own business, PM Crystals, during the pandemic. Since then, her business went viral on TikTok and Instagram and has been sold at different flea markets, including Silverlake and Rose Bowl Flea. PM Crystals is her outlet of bringing light and tips on manifestation to others as a reminder that it all starts from within. She is a self-care activist and enjoys boxing and spending with friends and family during her free time.

Ester Lapidus: New Life #1


Nikki Harrigian: From Fantasy to Reality


Nikki Harrigian is a transfer student majoring in Management & Leadership who is expected to graduate in May 2022. Before attending LMU, Nikki studied at Otis College of Art and Design and subsequently worked as a freelance costume designer. After graduation, Nikki hopes to use their proactive personality and drive to manage others to create collaborative working environments within creative industries.

Eduardo Rafael Pablin: Becoming the Author of Your Life


Louie Schuler: Just Ask


Armie Ganjeh: My Dream TED Talk


Armie Ganjeh is a Management & Leadership major who hopes to pursue a career in the music industry. Expected to graduate in 2022, he credits his experiences at LMU for helping guide him to follow his dreams. Born in San Diego, his goal is to utilize the skills he's learned from the M&L major to propel his music career and be successful.

Natalia Hernandez: Owning Your Uniqueness and Influence


Matthew Bekesh: Finding Your Motivation


Matthew Bekesh is a senior Management & Leadership major from Tampa, Florida. He is currently serving as a corporate strategy intern at Volkswagen and is interested in the fields of real estate development and automotive.