Accounting Donors

The LMU Accounting Program has achieved a reputation for teaching a lot more than just accounting principles. Our robust and challenging accounting curriculum is built on ethics and continues to offer students a truly personalized experience that is unique to LMU. Our accomplished faculty are a dedicated and diverse group of professionals who go above and beyond what is expected of them–providing lifelong learning experiences for our students and preparing them to be good citizens first and accomplished professionals second. Our students are hardworking, caring and ambitious and our alumni, many of whom remain loyal and committed to the program, have gone on to achieve tremendous success.

LMU Accounting is ranked as one of the top programs in the nation and is poised to continue its outstanding track record through the hiring of nationally-recognized faculty, admitting students who meet and exceed our academic expectations and adding new programs like the Master of Science in Accounting. We thank you for your support of the Accounting Program and hope that you'll continue to be engaged in the many exciting initiatives ahead. We are counting on you to keep the legacy alive...


LMU accounting faculty have always been the key to the department's stellar reputation. Our accounting faculty work tirelessly with firms to secure scholarships, internships and jobs for our students. Our newest faculty members chose LMU because of our program's prestigious reputation and their ability to work closely with students in small classes. Your support for faculty will give them the opportunities to expand and promote their research and stay at the top of their field. As we continue to recruit the next generation of LMU accounting faculty, four of our esteemed professors - Ross Bengel, Alan Cherry, Frank Daroca and Alan Falcon - have retired and beloved Professor George Dasaro passed away in 2017. These professors, along with the rest of the department's cadre of dedicated faculty, have made an enormous impact on thousands of lives. There is no better time to recognize their efforts than now, with a gift in their honor.


More than 2,000 LMU accounting alumni are well-respected in their professional careers, as partners in top public accounting firms, CFOs in the private corporate sector or as independent entrepreneurs. Employers understand the value of an LMU education and our alumni have proven this time and time again. They are known as problem solvers and ethical individuals who remain loyal to their alma mater. Their experience at LMU has left an indelible imprint on their professional success. 


LMU accounting students are some of the brightest, diverse and hardworking group of young adults you'll ever meet. Many of these students would not be here without the financial support they receive from LMU and our generous donors. Coupled with the LMU President's Scholarship Initiative, our goal is to provide support for all accounting students who need aid. We're aiming to increase not only the number of accounting students receiving financial aid but also the total dollars we distribute. Through the establishment of the Accounting Faculty Emeriti Scholarship fund, we will ensure that our accounting students have the necessary support they need.

Please join us as we celebrate over 60 proud years of accounting excellence. Your gift to the LMU Accounting Program and to our newly-established Accounting Faculty Emeriti Scholarship fund (supporting deserving undergraduate and graduate accounting students) will honor the education that you (or your child) received. Thank you for your support and for helping us keep the legacy alive!


For more information about giving to the LMU Accounting Program, please contact:

Roberta Kuhlman, Sr. Director of Development
Phone: 310.258.5483