Accounting teacher at the chalkboard.

Strategic. Specialized. Conscientious.

The LMU M.S. in Taxation curriculum provides students with the technical knowledge, analytical thinking and communication skills to be accomplished and ethical leaders in the tax profession. 

Students who have completed the prerequisite coursework before starting our program may complete the M.S. in Taxation in as few as 9 months on a full-time basis or 2 years on a part-time basis for a total of 30 units. Students requiring more flexibility or who need to take prerequisite courses as additional units have the option to extend the program up to 4 years.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the LMU M.S. in Taxation will:

  • Possess the knowledge and skills to apply key business and individual taxation concepts in a relevant setting.
  • Demonstrate effective use of current technologies applied in the field of taxation and in the broader business environment.
  • Possess critical thinking skills and the ability to integrate relevant concepts.
  • Have the ability to communicate complex issues effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate the research skills necessary to appropriately resolve complex tax issues.
  • Be able to explain how tax policy can benefit society and reduce societal inequities across diverse groups and individuals.

In Demand Competencies

All M.S. in Taxation students complete the following core courses:

  • ACCT 6120 - Tax Research and Strategy
  • ACCT 6121 - Tax Technology and Transformation
  • ACCT 6122 - Income Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
  • ACCT 6123 - Taxation of Individuals and Family Wealth
  • ACCT 6124 - Taxation of Flow-Through Entities
  • ACCT 6170 - Accounting Research and Communication

Students will select 12 units of electives based on their desired area of focus:

  • ACCT 5110 - Advanced Accounting Topics
  • ACCT 5150 - Accounting Ethics, Professionalism, and the Public Interest
  • ACCT 5180 - Fraud Examination
  • ACCT 6110 - Financial Reporting - Standard Setting Process and Financial Accounting Theory
  • ACCT 6114 - The CFO Perspective
  • ACCT 6125 - State and Local Taxation
  • ACCT 6126 - International Taxation
  • ACCT 6127 - Accounting for Income Taxes
  • ACCT 6128 - Income Taxation of Property Transactions
  • ACCT 6129 - Tax Practice and Procedures
  • ACCT 6130 - Accounting Analytics for Decision Makers

With program director approval, students may select M.S. in Business Analytics courses or up to 6 units from MBA Program elective courses on a space-available basis provided the student meets any course prerequisite requirements. Students may also elect to complete a 3-unit internship credited as an elective.

For detailed course descriptions, see the University Bulletin.