Transfer Course Review Procedure for CBA Students

Students wishing to take courses at an articulated institution can access the articulation agreements to review the school that you wish to attend for the course equivalents for those courses you intend to take. Click here to review articulated institutions.

Students wishing to transfer a class from a non-articulated institution, please click here to see if your school has transferred courses to LMU. To view the Office of the Registrar's Transfer Course Review Procedures, click here.

Flags do not transfer. All flags must be taken at LMU.

All business classes will be evaluated by the College of Business Administration. (i.e. Acct 2XXX/Bcor 2XXX, Blaw 2XXX/Bcor 2XXX, Entr 3XXX, Fnce 3XXX, Mrkt 3XXX, etc.) These courses are considered electives. Please provide a syllabus of the course for review and evaluation by the appropriate Department Chair, along with your completed TCA.

All transferable courses must be approved prior to enrollment.

Concurrent term enrollment by LMU degree-seeking undergraduate students at another institution for the purpose of transferring credits is not permitted.

At least 30 of the 36 semester hours for the bachelor's degree must be taken in residence at LMU.

Only courses from an accredited institution with a letter grade of "C" or higher are acceptable for transfer. Classes may not be taken CR/NC or Pass/Fail. LMU credit will be given only after the receipt of an official transcript from the school attended. A maximum of 60 semester hours may be transferred from community colleges.

All prerequisites associated with a business class must be completed prior to the approval of the TCA. You will be notified via email whether or not your request has been approved.

A student seeking approval to take the subsequent course for which a prerequisite class has been approved cannot be approved.

Courses approved as prerequisites for business classes (i.e. Acct 2110/Bcor 2110, Acct 2120/Bcor 2120, Econ 2300, Aims 3770/Bcor 3750, Fnce 3410/Bcor 3410, etc.) require that appropriate documentation be received regarding your final grade in the prerequisites class before prerequisite overrides will be processed.

Examples of appropriate documentation include:

  • Unofficial transcript (screen shot)
  • Official transcript
  • Report card
  • Letter from instructor on school letterhead

Upon receipt, a prerequisites override will be provided in order to enroll in the subsequent course.

Upon completion of the approved course please have the educational institution send an Official Transcript to the Office of the Registrar at LMU for process.

For more information, please contact:

John A. Rodriguez
M-F: 8-11:15 and 1:15-3:15