Apply to the New Idea Competition by February 17

Apply to the New Idea Competition by February 17

Ever hit yourself over the head when a new idea enters the market that you’ve already thought of? Well, now is your chance to see how your product measures up in the NEW IDEA COMPETITION!!!

Who can apply?
ALL LMU students. The competition is open to all years and all majors.

How many winners are chosen?
Unlimited! Top ideas as chosen by faculty and a team of initial judges will move forward and receive coaching prior to a presentation event on February 27th.

What do I get if I win?
(1) Cash! 1st Place - $700, 2nd Place - $500, 3rd Place - $300, 4th Place - $200, 5th Place - $100
(2) A spot in the LMU Business Incubator that includes $1,000+ of resources toward developing and starting your business (workspace, student teams, guidance, etc.)
(3) Eligibility to present and compete at on and off campus competitions for additional cash prizes.
(4) All kinds of bragging rights!

How do I apply?
It’s super easy! Submit a one-page description of your idea. You can also include a picture, drawing, diagram, screenshot or anything else that you think would help us understand your idea.

When is the application due?
FEBRUARY 17, 2014 to Mr. Bryson Ishii via email or a slip it under the door of the Center for Family Enterprises (Basement of Hilton) directly across the elevator.

Who owns your idea?
You do! 100% of it. We never take any equity in your idea and just want to help you turn it into a business.

Can I submit multiple ideas?
Yes, absolutely! Be as creative and innovative as you want. In fact, we encourage it!

Need more information or guidance?
We understand that this may be new to some people. To help, click here for additional information and guidance or pick up a copy located right outside the Center for Ethics and Business in the basement of Hilton. Or, come and talk to myself or Dr. David Choi….we don’t bite.

Mr. Bryson Ishii
(310) 338-7401