Crimson Lion Consulting Group

Crimson Lion Consulting Group

Organizations' work needs are increasingly short-term, project-oriented. The TMC’s Crimson Lion Consulting Group seeks to match in a timely fashion organizations’ short-term work needs with supervised student (MBA and undergraduate) and faculty talent. These consulting field projects allow participating students of all majors to gain valuable experience and build local business connections. The organizations pay the TMC for project work, and the TMC pays the students. Each project is supervised by a TMC staff or faculty member.

Possible Consulting Projects

Business Strategy

  • Strategic plan development
  • Best practices analysis
  • Growth strategy development
  • Business plan development for new and early stage ventures
  • Corporate venturing business development and planning

Financial Strategy

  • U.S. venture capital strategy and fundraising plan development
  • Assess feasibility and ROI of alliance and partner options
  • Develop M&A valuation and negotiation processes; value tracking through integration phases

Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Marketing plan development
  • Website development
  • Brand strategy assessment and enhancement
  • New product launch
  • Global market entry assessment and market entry plan development
  • Market research/surveys

Operations/Supply Chain

  • Optimize supply chain
  • Recommend improvements to longterm capacity planning
  • Streamline manufacturing operations

Human Resources

  • Analyze and enhance compensation and retention processes
  • Analyze training and development programs
  • Engagement surveys for OD