Trainings and Recordings

Training session from 10.5.22 - download the Powerpoint slides

Hilton Distinguished Entrepreneur Lecture: Paul Polizzotto (recording)
Learn more about what to look for in a business successfully doing good through its mission and practices while making a profit. "My Journey as a Serial Social Entrepreneur."
Megan Buchter, Aim2Flourish (recording)
Learn more about how to craft your analysis and written narrative using the Appreciative Inquiry methodology. Interview skills will also be addressed.

Other Resources

AIM2Flourish Submission

All written narratives must be submitted and published on the AIM2Flourish website to be eligible for round 2 of the competition. All submissions will also be eligible for the 2021 Flourish Prizes awarded by AIM2Flourish.

See examples of narratives that addressed SDGs 5, 10, and 11:

To go above and beyond in your submission, further information can be found here:

  • Learn about Appreciative Inquiry from its global home at The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. 
  • Find resources on choosing a company, conducting the interview, and writing the narrative


Your team will choose a company, preferably in the Los Angeles area, that has created a positive social justice impact through its business practices in at least one of the three following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) areas:

Be sure to look over the targets and indicators for the SDGs as well.