Executive Summary Instructions

Executive Summary Instructions

All Executive Summaries will be compiled in a booklet that will be given to the judges, so to maintain consistency, we ask you to use the template below and not make changes to the formatting.

In your Executive Summary, you are asked to identify:

  • Your school (please add Graduate or Undergraduate if your school is sending two teams)
  • The names and information of your team members and advisor (if applicable)
  • Your topic and division (Graduate or Undergraduate)
  • The audience whom the judges should imagine themselves to be (the company's board of directors, etc.)
  • The Sustainable Development Goal, its target, and the indicator that will be affected (see SDG Resources for more details)

You should give a 1-2 paragraph summary of your argument that includes your recommendation. Please limit your Executive Summary to 1 page.

Executive summaries that go over one page will be sent back to be rewritten.

Sample Executive Summaries

These executive summaries have been adapted from presentations from previous years:

Big Pharma: Big Karma
Cultured Meat: The Clean Way to Eat
Fast Fashion and Its Dirty Laundry
Maersk Anti-Piracy in the Indian Ocean
Unwrapping the Bittersweet Truth Behind Chocolate
Water Rights: Dehydrating the Hand that Feeds Us

Download: Executive Summary Template