American University of the Middle East (Undergraduate)
Egaila, Kuwait
Gender Pay Gap: Could the Banking Sector Lead the Way?

The Catholic University of America (Undergraduate)
Washington, District of Columbia
Revolutionizing Ethical Coffee Practices at Starbucks

Claremont McKenna College (Undergraduate)
Claremont, California
No Fowl Play: Cleaning up the Manure at Tyson Foods

Doral College (Undergraduate)
Doral, Florida
Mars Incorporated and India: Building a Sustainable Route to Market

Fordham University (Undergraduate)
New York, New York
Outside the Box: Amazon and Its Packaging Dilemma

The George Washington University (Graduate)
Washington, District of Columbia
Victoria's Unsustainable Secret 

The George Washington University (Undergraduate)
Washington, District of Columbia
Samsung Putting Conflict in Your Hands 

Grinnell College (Undergraduate)
Grinnell, Iowa
Banking For a Better Future: Building Tomorrow’s Financial Institutions

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Graduate)
Hong Kong, China
Using Home Compostable and Biodegradable Packaging in the Apparel Industry

James Madison University (Undergraduate)
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Can This Problem be Brushed Away?

Loyola Marymount University (Undergraduate)
Los Angeles, California
Creating Sustainable Practices and Responsible Branding at the Fiji Water Company

Mount Holyoke College (Undergraduate)
South Hadley, Massachusetts
Pfizer and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

Marist College (Undergraduate)
Poughkeepsie, New York
CBS, We’ve Got Our Eye On You

Ripon University (Undergraduate)
Ripon, Wisconsin
A Continent That Counts: Solving Statistical Inequalities With Clean Data Collaboratives

Santa Barbara City College (Undergraduate)
Santa Barbara, California
Google in China: The Prices of Profit

Southern New Hampshire University (Undergraduate)
Hooksett, New Hampshire
Training and Construction Of Sustainable Housing in Africa for the Base of Pyramid

Stetson University
DeLand, Florida
Wendy’s and the Fair Food Program: Enhancing Supply Chain Sustainability 

Texas State University (Graduate)
San Marcos, Texas
People, Planet, and Product: Target’s Brighter Future with Dunkin’

Texas State University (Undergraduate)
San Marcos, Texas
The Problem Rooted in a River Polluted: Vedanta in Zambia

University of Florida (Graduate)
Gainesville, Florida
E-cigarettes: Saving or Creating an Addiction?

University of Florida (Undergraduate)
Gainesville, Florida
Juul: The Price of Cool

University of Illinois (Graduate)
Champaign, Illinois
Food processing: Escalating hunger and depleting nutrition

University of Illinois (Undergraduate)
Champaign, Illinois
Juul: Alternative or Addiction?

University of Massachusetts Lowell (Undergraduate)
Lowell, Massachusetts
Male birth control: Toward world health, poverty reduction, and equality

University of Melbourne (Undergraduate)
Melbourne, Australia
Going out of Fashion - The Power of Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing

University of Miami Undergraduate)
Miami, Florida
The Heart of the Problem: Reusing Pacemakers

University of Navarra (Undergraduate)
Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
Empowering people to overcome poverty. Micro-saving in Ecuador

University of New Hampshire (Undergraduate)
Durham, New Hampshire
Authentic Leadership: What's Gender Got to Do With It?

University of Northern Colorado (Undergraduate)
Greely, Colorado
Vale Mining Company: Behind the Economic and Environmental Veil

University of South Florida
St. Petersburg, Florida
Burned: The Ethics of Sunscreen