* winning presentation
** runner-up presentation                                                                                                                                          

*ExxonMobil's Green Future: Refining a Well Oiled Machine 

Claremont McKenna College, Robert Day School Consulting 

**The Power of Tourism to Address the Challenges of Poverty 

College of the Canyons, TCM Tourism Consultants 

The Danger of PVC Pumps: Exploring Jimmy Choo's Product Development 

George Washington UniversityDistrict Consultants 

A SOS Call: ASOS's Unsustainable Supply Chain 

George Washington University, The Foward Firm 

The Faceless Army at Amazon's Disposal

Grinnell College, Carpe Momentum Consulting 

*Walk Together: Tourism without Barriers 

Hanyang University, Impact Consulting Group 

Brighter Future with Your Energy

Istanbul Commerce University, Cityling Consulting 

**Amazon and Biodegradable Packaging 

Loyola Marymount University, Enutriet Consulting 

How Much Wood Would IKEA Chop if IKEA Could Chop Colombian Wood? 

Pontifica Universidad Javeriana, Tangara Consulting Group 

**From Tobacco to Hemp: Building a New Market in Indonesia 

Saint Peter's University, JCBG Consulting 

**Utilizing Solar Technologies to Improve Water and Electricity Quality in South Sudan 

St. Thomas Aquinas College, Helios International Consulting 

*Nestle and Ginnie Springs: Socially Responsible Business or Unsustainable Water Management? 

Stetson UniversityTop Hat Consulting

Shifting Seas: A Case for Sustainable Shipping Practices 

Texas A&M University, Live Oak Consulting

Establishing Equitable Postsecondary Practices: A Critical Evaluation of the CCRC

Texas State University, Southern Postsecondary Research Board

Ethical Leadership at Apple 

University of Detroit Mercy, Loyola & McAuley Consultants LLC 

Cargill: Fighting World Hunger by Destroying the Planet

University of Florida, Sustainable Solutions Consulting 

*Bisleri Invests in Water Infrastructure Aligning with the Indian Government 

University of Florida, Varuna Consulting 

SPACs and Wealth Inequality: Opportunity or Risk for Retail Investors? 

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Inclusive Investing Consulting Group

*Ruse or Reality: Tesla's Road to a Sustainable Future 

University of Miami, Amet Consulting 

Building with Zero 

University of Miami, Vulcan Solutions  

Creating More Opportunities for Small Businesses

University of Washington, Four Squares 

**The Cost of Food Trends: Do Healthy Diets Sustain a Healthy Planet? 

University of Washington, Sound Solutions