Heightened consumer expectations for brand purpose provide an opportunity for LMU to harness our students’ passion for making a difference to help companies build sustainable and profitable business-for-good initiatives.

The Good Lab at LMU engages our students at the center of this opportunity through project-specific consultancy, research, internships and full-time career opportunities.

How Project-Specific Consultancy Works

  • An organization hires The Good Lab at LMU utilizing an annual retainer fee that includes access to custom research, business for good concepts, specific projects and real-world ready talent for internships and full-time opportunities.
  • The Good Lab generates ideas, products and campaigns that can be adopted by the client company as platforms for branded social justice and community betterment products, services and campaigns.
  • Students collaborate on real-life projects to provide their unique ‘Gen Z’ point-of-view to brands in need of creative problem solving and a social reality check. This unique perspective will help brands amplify social good initiatives through social media and experiential activations.
  • Students present their recommendations and findings to the client company.


Purely Pup: A Project-Specific Consultancy Example

Purely Pup Products on website


Four cross-disciplinary CBA students developed a comprehensive brand launch for a new line of skin products for pets. The student team conducted primary and secondary research, a brand positioning strategy, creative concepts and packaging for the new Purely Pup brand, and a supporting communications and distribution plan.

Project Timeline

  • Summer 2019 - Brand strategy and positioning development
  • Fall 2019 - Product market launch
  • Ongoing - The Good Lab manages the growth of the Purely Pup initiative through student teams and a faculty director