Unlock Your Team's Genius! Coaching Skills for Leaders

Kiran Rouzie, MBA '11
Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks

Thursday, October 22
5 - 6 p.m. PDT
Zoom Webinar


In this engaging and interactive webinar, Kiran E. Rouzie, MBA '11, will teach you coaching techniques to unite your team around a shared vision and purpose, accelerate building trust and reach extraordinary performance and profitability. 


Kiran is the World’s #1 Expert on The Evolved Team as featured in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Success. Kiran has a proven track record of helping companies transition to distributed work and developing high performing organizations that grow profit and revenue. Her work as a CTO and transformational digital leader has helped executives solve the most critical and strategic challenges facing companies today. As a certified coach, strategy advisor and certified change management expert she has delivered undeniable results — transforming leaders, teams and organizations for clients such as Apple, Google, USC, Target, Ritz-Carlton, Zappos, Amazon and others. Kiran is the author of the upcoming book and podcast "Unlock Your Team’s Genius! Create Sustained Engagement, Extraordinary Performance and Profitability."