The Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Investments

Edgard Asensio

Edgard Asensio, MBA '12

Thursday, September 24
5 - 6 p.m. PDT
Zoom Webinar


How has the pandemic reshaped the wealth creation strategies through the ownership of real estate assets arising out of 1031 exchange transactions? The real estate market is suffering from an economic slowdown, specifically in retail and office space. Nevertheless, the “golden child” under the current COVID conditions is income property such as investments in multi-family apartment buildings.

Join Edgard Asensio, MBA ’12, for a dialogue on wealth creation strategies through the ownership of real estate assets.


Edgard Asensio, MBA '12, formulates and analyzes complex financial models for investors who are seeking to accumulate wealth through ownership of real estate assets (e.g. office, retail, mixed-use, multifamily, general purpose industrial - warehouse and heavy industrial - special purpose industrial). He uses the theory of capital budgeting to identify and select which investment opportunities investors undertake. He is passionate about building before-tax discounted cash flow (DCF) models and compare them to a basic financial feasibility model analysis. After generating and analyzing sophisticated financial models, Edgard presents to commercial real estate investors forecast data in connection with Before-Tax Equity Cash Flows and Forecasted After-Tax Adjusted Equity (RROR). Edgard specializes in investment and asset allocation strategies tailored for investors who suit various investment risk appetites.